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  1. Maybe Admin can merge the two threads ...
  2. I typically do 1 to 2 hour rides, with the odd 3 hour ride. Did a 7 hour ride earlier this month. Other than my sit-bones and leg muscles NO issues. Actually, muscles were fine 48 hours later for anther ride. My sit-bones was fine for the first 30 minutes, then mild discomfort. ELDRON - your thoughts on the sit-bones ? Just not used to longer rides ? Or at what point do I do more homework on this item ?
  3. He may have "some" discomfort after cycling to your store ....
  4. That first time you realise you cant even carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the tv ....
  5. talk about KICKING a man when he is down ....
  6. nobody even asked .... is the bike okay ? Robbie speedy recovery, trust you will be back on the "black-on-black" again soon
  7. And here I thought those two bones were a bit lower ..... sorry (having had a femer fracture I DO know the "feeling" ..)
  8. A well know bike fitter in our area spends more than 30 minutes with the RIDER before even looking at the bike. Once she understands the riders medical history, flexibility, core strength, etc, only then does she start with the "actual" bike setup.
  9. Sunday morning I left home just before sunrise. ..... cool, but clear morning, perfect cycling weather. 1 hour later cloud cover came in, bringing in a nasty chill, but still no wind. By lunch time the cloud cover was gone, nice moderate temperatures .... but one nasty wind picking up pace .... Welcome to Cape Town, where we have four seasons in one day.
  10. Just keep on riding. Your bum will get used to it .... When I do an after work 30km trail ride, it is done in a T shirt, shorts, and tekkies. Even the work back pack on. The only cycling item I wear for these rides is my helmet
  11. Louise at Knipe_Racing (Durbanville) sorted me out with a similar issue ....
  12. The tapperometer is for pesky sram fine tuning ..... Put into early retirement as I now only have Shimano ....
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