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  1. Dear Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race Participants and Supporters, It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race for the year 2024. Despite our best efforts and the enthusiasm from the cycling community, we have faced the unfortunate reality of too few entries to proceed with the event. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand the disappointment it may cause among our participants and supporters. Organizing the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race is a labor of love, and we have explored various avenues to ensure the event's success. Unfortunately, the lack of a sufficient number of entries has made it financially untenable to proceed. As a privately hosted event, we must prioritize the financial viability and sustainability of the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race. The decision to cancel is based on the need to mitigate the risks associated with insufficient participation. While we deeply regret having to make this announcement, we believe it is in the best interest of all involved. We want to assure you that we are actively exploring alternative options and strategies to ensure the future success of the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race. We remain committed to providing a premier mountain biking experience in the years to come, and we appreciate your understanding and continued support. We understand the time, dedication, and excitement invested by participants in preparing for the event, and we share in your disappointment. To those who have already registered, we will be reaching out shortly to discuss refund processes and any additional details. Thank you for being an integral part of the Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race community. We look forward to overcoming these challenges and returning with a stronger and more vibrant event in the future. Sincerely, Trans Augrabies Organisers
  2. How many people normally start per group ?
  3. Thank you to each and every Hubber that entered. Equally so, big thanks to each that helped to spread the word πŸ‘
  4. That may be a big start shute πŸ˜΅πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. The charities are stil advertising πŸ‘πŸ‘ https://www.facebook.com/100067032336631/posts/pfbid0jpXshUmY5kyRLUCUp2etiJpRWaqu59pVHMZD6iWp4dfbAWuCvHNea3iERuHvCTyTl/?app=fbl Grootte Schuur hospital trust charity is also advertising ....
  6. At this stage is sound like we (all the charities) are all starting at the same time. I most certainly want to meet the "big man on the small bike" @gemmerbal I have been "speaking" with you and @Jewbacca for so many years, will be good to finally meet you in person. A good number of Hubbers have joined the Pink Train (I❀️Boobies charity). So we may get to meet even more Hubbers in the start shute. @Matt we need some "Bike Hub" stickers to identify the clan ....
  7. Going Amish on Suikerbossie (the mini version in Blomtuin) ..... man has to get in that climbing training for the world champs of fun rides, and all that .... @MORNE it is a strange feeling riding Amish after 13 000km on ebikes The stats are interesting .... actually surprised at my average speed. Super slow, but still better than my previous amish times for the same route. My heart rate on the climbs .... OUCH !! Tempted to see how far I can push it on the amish bike (pun intended). But it is time for this beauty to go have FUN on the trails with an energetic young rider Looking forward to seeing this rider take a couple of podiums this year. Previous owner took it to the Vines and Views podium in 2023.
  8. I will watch this closely, for future knowledge. The day may come where "I support" a charity, but want to do my own race. Bit more of an emotional tie with the Pink Train charity. So I will most certainly ride with them on Saturday morning, and then again on the Sunday world champs of fun rides. They have a very active marketing team, so if I manage to get some nice promo-material for them it would be an absolute win-win.
  9. Keeping that site active would have been a lot saver for everybody
  10. Real pity the Zonnebloem one got stopped. School at the back, then just EMPTY erven all around. The facility was to have an area with a couple of computers, for basic skills training. Various other initiatives to get people to re-integrate into the world. So much more than just a meal and a cot. Was surprising to see just how many of these initiatives are up and running, and how many more the Western Cape Government (this is much wider than COCT) is doing along these lines. SURE - there are, and will always be three groups: - criminals ... these wont be affected by these efforts - "street people" (or which ever politically correct term is to be used) .... these dont want more than a meal and a cot in winter ... they WANT to b on the street - the down on their luck .... there are a multitude of people that pass through these re-integration facilities, many of whom succesfully re-integrate, get back on their feet and life a normal life again. (jip ... many fall back into the old bad habits that got them their in the first place) Good to see the efforts that goes into these facilities.
  11. My biggest worry in my prep is how to mount the rear facing GoPro .... πŸ˜› Winelands and 99er are my "race days". CTCT is a scenic ride in my calendar. And with the Pink Train charity, I may just have the best time taking photos along the route. A friend from Potch is starting a bit earlier, so it may just turn into a very lekker ride.
  12. AND .... each time you go around a bend in the route expect a new weather front .... UHMMMM .... remind me again, why did I work for a decent starting time, and now dropping back 90 minutes for a charity ride ..... 😬
  13. With STEEL the strength is in the outer layers - when subjected to bending stress. Thus the use of "I" beams. The thin web between the two outer flanges does very little. Would be interesting to see these experiments repeated with part infill in the "middle", but full infill on the outer layers ....
  14. Then again ... If a bike setup is needed, consulting a Dr wont help. If you do 3+ hour hard rides in hot weather, with a 650ml bottle of water .... MOST reading here are past these basics. BUT, the Bike Hub gets new cyclists on a regular basis, needing advise on the BASICS. SURE - once these basics are in place, and problems persist .... SEE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. PS - When I started doing longer rides I glanced at auntie google ... and went back to my dietitian for proper advise. It has served me WELL.
  15. My ride on this side of the Curtain had a bit of everything. Started out PERFECT ! 20km later I was hiding under a tree as it was bucketing down !!! for 90 seconds. 5km later it came down hard, this time it kept on raining .... I got to Potbelly drenched to the bone ... Cup of coffee and it all looked good, and I headed out again. PERFECT weather until I got to Klipheuwel. Bit of a side wind, but still fine. From Adderely it was into a proper South Easter !!! With a few drops at Occultdale .... No heat though ... had plenty of that in December and January. Let's see what CTCT dishes up this year.
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