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  1. 8:00 the temperature and windchill on Bottelary was "chilly" .... Last km of Bottelary it picked up about 5 degrees .... nice .... Last 50km the temp was mid to high 20's .... GLAD I had two water bottles ....
  2. Nothing better than enjoying the sunrise on the open road .... Autumn in the air .... Coffee break in Stellenbosch no words needed .... Entrapment !! With the wind behind me this was pure entrapment .... Ouch ..... now going into the wind .... actually had to work hard to maintain speed down this steep down hill ! Did a an extra loop close to home .... just had to get tripple digits .....
  3. Parked near the Adderley and Malanshoogte crossing. First did a 7km loop to the West. Then another out and back to the East .... What a lovely morning. LOTS of riders on trails ... Hi Dezi 👍 Very chuffed with himself 👍 Nope, 15km is not enough .... off to Bloemendal for another 7km
  4. Thanks JBR. Found nice parking near the Adderley and Malans crossing. Some nice options for shorter trails 👍👍
  5. Now consider her weight, and then reduce her bikes tire pressures accordingly. Your post on the fork pressure is WAY too high. Considering the over pressure on the tires, and the fork one can only wonder if the fork rebound is set correctly ..... Well worth your time to get the bike AND your wife to somebody that can assist with a proper setup Once setup is correct her riding experience will improve drastically !! Silly question .... are you sure the fork is set to "Open" and not on the "Firm" setting? (though the open setting w
  6. nee moer .... jy moer begin eet ....
  7. THIS is what it boils down to .... LACK of vaccines. According to today's news the next vaccines are due next month .... so other than the bit for the teachers phase 2 is in limbo for the another 2+ weeks .... The next problem is the "wild statements and promises" our politicians keep on making ... - teachers ... - police ... - direct to large employers ... every second news briefing makes promises to yet another group .... what happened to "those with co-morbidities" ? what happened to the 50+ group ? We need less "tal
  8. I want to do some of the "Klipheuwel sections" with Maritz. Any suggestions for parking spots near this ? Even (preferably) near the Adderley side .... Thanks
  9. corrected .... YES, we are spoilt for choice !!
  10. What pressures are you using ? e-bike tires are typically larger volume tires, which allows the use of lower pressures. I use 0,2 to 0,3 bar LESS pressure than what I did with my MTB. And the grip levels are GOOD !!
  11. That RUST on the freehub tells a story all on its own .... THAT cant be blamed on any courier ....
  12. Jip, would love to see the courier box .... Then again, that box would be WRECKED for the bike to look like that !!! PERFECT example of why Hub-Pay is the only way to do business .... or at least the only to do business when you cant pick up the goods YOURSELF.
  13. JIP !! For most of the year this is how I prefer to ride .... on the return trip by the time the rest wakes up. May I got caught in thick fog twice .... apart from the dangers, it was damn cold .... now I sleep in and ride later ..... still prefer the early morning rides though.
  14. And with all those blind bends it can end VERY badly ....
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