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  1. And the winner is the smiling rider in front
  2. It is not a bikefit problem .There is no info of said rider ,80 year old lady or 25 year old with BMI of 35 .Wake up !
  3. And a scented scarf for the sweat and a full sports massage after 30 minutes on the trainer .Siestog ! Must be a Slaapstad thing
  4. Any 5 hour ride on a road bike will cause aches and pains .You need a really strong core for that amount of time on the bike and being a road bike even more .You don't mention your age .At 25 years old it is slightly abnormal .At age 55 it is normal .Try logic first .Age weight ,fitness level ,comfort on the bike ,time when symptom's start etc. Ride with a Tool in your pocket and adjust the riding position until it feels right .I have never had a bike fit in ten years of riding .Find your own comfort and keep on adjusting until things fall into place .it is not an exact science
  5. Nothing against a gravel bike ,but in good old RSA it is a robust road bike and a good idea if you don't have a road bike yet ,but i ride some of the best gravel roads in the country and still prefer to ride them on a proper hardtail with strong tires and suspension
  6. Yes ! And if i think they look dirty it is also my own opinion
  7. New entry requirement is to already have such a weapon in place .The lady riders look at pictures attached to your application and they actually decide who they will share the trails with .It is called natural female mountain biker selection .I have been chosen twice ,so i am smiling
  8. I have done both and really enjoyed it .I cannot ride Epic for the fee of JB2C ,so i have to pay the other fee to do the other event .Simple really .I rode JB2C in 2013 .I think i paid R14000 for a solo entry .I still have the same bike and great memories and some lekke pics
  9. It is a go ahead .Yeah! We really need to get some former life back on track after all the cancelations
  10. I see it the same way as i see paying salaries .If the market for a good pa is a R20 k a month salary ,but you have a really excellent one and they deserve a higher salary for what they are worth and you pay R25 k a month .The extra cost is only 5 x 12 = R60 k a year and not 25 x 12 =R300k. So the extra R60k should be justified only .For me the Epic in 2019 was worth R35k for the eight days of riding all the good trails we did ,not worrying about logistics and safety and all the rest .The logistics of trying to do it on your own would not even be a consideration imo . So i only need justification for the extra R15 k in 2021 .All the extra @TWAK# that riders buy into is for their own justification ,like massages ,coaches ,supplements ,new equipment and so on .For me coming from Gauteng to Cape town to ride the CTCT is an expensive exercise that i have never justified for myself
  11. Same with the August race in cape town .First thing people ask me when they hear that i cycle is .Have you ridden the august and Sani .I haven,t done either .I know a few folks that have done ten plus argus races and nothing else .Why????
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