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  1. Epic sports in Centurion have some really nice affordable GT,S in stock
  2. I ride a Blur 3 and also a Kona Hei Hei 2020 .If i slap a Blur sticker on the Kona i have the new Blur .The Kona is a great bike and the design is very much like the new blur with the same rear suspension
  3. I have not even built up my previous version frame ,still in the box, eish !
  4. eala

    Magalies Monster

    Hi Pieter .Still here in Tshwane Gauteng .Guess we have to be thankful that we still have mtb events .Tell us about Brunei
  5. To get back to your original Q. In your particular case some of the gears will be 1/12 out at some point .I only know of Shimano shifters that can be altered between gear ratios
  6. eala

    Magalies Monster

    Suspension ,wide tires and shoes you can walk in is always a good idea at MM
  7. eala

    Magalies Monster

    I remember you very well .The on -one inbred single speed with the blue fork .We talked at the start .Where are you at know ?
  8. eala

    Magalies Monster

    That section is well known .Marbles on of camber, but at least it is downhill .Then it is a flat section until you hit the sand on the gravel road .Cramp time !!!
  9. If you enjoyed buffels, then MM will suit you .No easy first half with them monster though
  10. Aaaaa! Now 'River Rat' makes sense
  11. Recently a friend fell and knocked himself into a neuro ward for observation at Big red barn .He was alone and wandering about after the fall asking people silly questions until his family located him on the trails .I also ride mostly alone ,but that is just how my schedule works .Not ideal but i either ride alone or don,t ride
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