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  1. I guess if you're on a gravel road, its gravel.
  2. And now 20mm of fork travel. Sounds like Gravel Bikes are taking the long way round to "invent" MTB's. Soon someone will discover even flatter bend bars and in 5 years time they'll be riser bars.,.. 🙂
  3. I think you would find that an MTB is vastly more fun and safer on tracks that seem gnarly on a gravel bike.
  4. I wonder how many roadies buy gravel bikes and then decide its *** and buy an MTB, or is the main feeder MTB riders who start getting too old or chicken to ride proper MTB trails and go for the safer option 🙂
  5. Not to mention eBike races after the FIM tried to steal them as a branch of motoX
  6. My first ever off road experience around 27 years ago was on a steel road bike that I took down the local green belt. The bars broke (shocking bike build) and I swiftly bought one of the first giant MTB's available in SA. So gravel is actually a gateway device to MTB... 🙂
  7. Fork looks dodgy. R60k only seems good value because bike prices are ludicrous in general....
  8. I normally destroy my helmets well within 5 years 🙂 Then I shop online after reading reviews and seek the best price online. Luckily I have family who travel from the UK ( or used to) to bring the stuff over. Locally the new Leatt trail helmet looks good with a very thick foam layer and their own brand of rotational force reduction built in . Around R3200 though...
  9. That was MTB TV overload, I almost forgot to go for a ride 🙂 I felt rather sorry for MN - what a k@k way to end the season. That said, it would have been VH's season even earlier had she not had a couple of crazy silly crashes in previous races. Seems to be a harsh place for punctures - quite a few in the XCO as well as the DH...
  10. Unusually, the men's race was far more entertaining than the women's. It was great to see ER winning but where were the other contenders. I think BB paid ER a disservice when he implied she won because RM had a puncture. No way she would have kept up with Evie, puncture or not. Pity about NS puncture which i suspect would not have changed the outcome too much - maybe a place or two but not the win. CB was a machine. About time a yank won another XCO event - its been nearly 30 years, as they kept telling us.
  11. Just bought some Shimano resin brake pads. Super friction filled. So happy 🙂
  12. I suspect lederhosen would make good #enduro shorts. never need washing and great in a crash...
  13. That was a about a 3m22 run which would no doubt have got better in his quali run...Iles did well to go p1 with a 3m14. I think this track suits the North American riders. We need more races outside the Alps.
  14. I would say, strap it up and race bro, you come from SA. Seriaasly though, what a bummer, he did quite well here in 2019.
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