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  1. i just wonder how a 120mm bike even with lock out is working for the Nino. As for this track - really hard but very smooth. I'd like to see XCO raced on more gnarly tracks - you know as rough as the Tokai jeep track where the rocks are sticking out. You could use a gravel bike on most of the track bar the slithery descents which are bum puckering.
  2. A rather inauspicious first race for the new Scott bike... wonder if we will see Schurter back on his old bike in France?
  3. That was a deserving win that had me cheering. He took it easier up top and had more gas for the bottom. Clever racing. Deprela is a bit too young but he will get there unless he breaks himself too many times along the way...
  4. Live timing of qualification is available on the UCI website. Junior men are at it now...
  5. Weirdly I have big blank spaces on my browser where you guys have posted videos... Track looks wicked. I suspect the racers will be better equipped to deal with it than at worlds and hopefully it wont be quite as slithery on race day. That second stump section is going to see lots of fails too.
  6. Ya, hurry and get your teams in, they left it very late with the PB league...
  7. Scott bought Bold and have taken on their idea of an internal shock. It looks cool but is it as easy to work on as an exposed shock? 120 travel and low BB - they've gone upduro with this one.
  8. I am enjoying the Assegai up front on my Enduro. It rolls surprisingly fast and as I may have said in my previous post, its almost as if it isn't there. I was thinking about this the other day. The MM gives feedback - i.e you can almost feel the knobs biting into the dirt which I like. The Assegai just does its thing without that much feedback. It may just be the fact that my MM was on a different bike and I haven't been able to compare it with the Assegai on my current bike, but either way, I'm very happy with it as a front tyre.
  9. And Nino will not still be winning races at 40, like Greg is going to 🙂
  10. The OP asked about entry level HT bikes not the latest LIV super carbon geo tuned stuff. Just to get the thread back on track and put my initial comment in perspective. *I am married to a woman and have some experience in sorting out bike fit for her. Most bikes, especially cheap ones will need adjustment, be it to bar height, stem length, seat shape and width.
  11. I think you actually need to look at data. In the first world, bike prices have not shot up because of Covid. Yes there are shortages and perhaps second hand bikes are now more sought after. You now get a far better bike for the same or less money than you did 10 years ago in the USA or Canada when prices are inflation adjusted. Pinkbike did a comparison a week or so back. SA is a skewed third world market that is heavily influenced by currency fluctuations and possibly price gouging by retailers. Would be interesting if any industry insiders can comment on mark ups on new bikes.
  12. There is very little to be gained, if anything with a women's specific bike at this level. Just make sure the bike fits her and is fit for purpose.
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