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  1. Agreed, I won't even put a sticker on my own bike, let alone a bike shop.
  2. Lekker, drop me a whatsapp anytime
  3. We're part of a much slower/casual group that ride from Seattle Grosvenor Crossing at 5am and then grab a coffee afterwards 23-27km/h
  4. A compact crank and a wide range cluster will already make a big difference If money is not an issue, maybe look at an indoor trainer or get a coach
  5. Wow, that's a very attractive solution. Definitely changes my views on using this service
  6. Maybe take a look at my seller ratings? Few well know hubbers giving me the 5 star accolade
  7. Not sure why exactly I am getting dragged into this Did I know about the deal, yes Did I know that it was lost, yes Did I contact you directly via bikehub messenger to see if I can salvage it, yes Did I plead poverty and hide behind an alias, no Did you accept my offer, no Did I move on with my life, yes I get stock from shops and independent buyers from all over the country, my clients know how I operate and my reviews are testament to the way that I conduct my business
  8. My understanding is that a deal was concluded in principle when the sale amount was agreed upon, especially after you paid the deposit.
  9. It certainly appears so. Integrity is a rare commodity
  10. Can we fix the thread title to 947 please
  11. So is it overpriced or oversubscribed? It can't be both 😂
  12. Yeah, that is shocking! Imagine a bikehub recommended dealer where the seller has to agree to uphold ethic business practices, verified by bikehub.co.za
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