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  1. Buddy of mine lost his action camera in the race, if anyone has found it please let me know.
  2. Hi Mahleu No, unfortunately they are not compatible. You should be able to pick up the correct cleats from your lbs. Just make sure you install them on the easy option while you testing them out. If you happy and confident with them then swop the cleats around for a more secure clip in.
  3. Welcome to the Hub Zeus Perhaps post in classifieds section with photos and more description of the products, you will hopefully receive better response there.
  4. My neighbour bought the Tinkoff set, he's happy with the kit.
  5. Facile Winter Glove - from Bicycle Line
  6. Welcome to the Hub Kamin My wife had issues with her mtb saddle, she tried a couple types of saddles I had, but the one that works best for her is Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Saddle. she says its really comfortable.
  7. I run Tubless Maxxis Ardent race and Maxxis Ikon. Grips well
  8. Good fun, well done to organisers. Wife did her first 40k race today and enjoyed it.
  9. Nope, its the God helps those who helps themselves one. make sure you use degreaser or clean green, no need for prayer.
  10. I have the Chris Willemse branded one, works well, you possibly get better ones but CWC one works well for me.
  11. For dust I use a spray bottle (takes about a litre of water). Chain cleaner with some clean green. Then rinse with spray bottle and clean damp cloth.
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