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  1. You can see and hear that they can't ride coz of the way they change lines through the corners and the acceleration, deceleration through the corners. (Not claiming to be a hidden Valentino)
  2. THAAT's what it is. I was going to say it looks like a Suzuki SV 650. Most certainly not a superbike.
  3. General comment. This time of year SUCKS on the roads as a cyclist. After Argus. Heaven. As a former owner of a superbike. Chappies is a K@K road on those bikes. It's too tight and the corners tighten up on themselves so you're always on the brakes and never using the bike. It's also over so quickly. I can't understand why guys on superbikes want to ride on it. Hopefully the guy that was hit is going to be ok. I have to say Twatter really does bring out the worst in people. WOW! But in a really bad way.
  4. There's a company that takes 996's and turns them into Safari style 911's They are called Safari Projek. Another one-of-a-kind SafariProjek ready to be introduced to the world! This one is special as it is the firts GTS build #safariprojek… | Instagram
  5. As much as it galls me to agree with this point I do. Somewhat. If you apply the OODA loop to a bikejacking scenario the crim is WELL ahead of you by the time you are even aware of the threat. They've observed, orientated, decided and they are busy acting. It's unlikely that you are going to be able to deploy a firearm in time to ward off the attack. In a home invasion scenario hopefully your alarm is on and your doors are locked which will give you a few seconds to catch up. Add to that the fact that you can only legally use a firearm in self defense if your LIFE is threatened. Maybe you could argue that having a brick thrown at you is life threatening. I don't know. Concealment is also an issue. Our law states that you must conceal your firearm. Riding with a firearm with a visible silhouette is probably illegal and could possibly make you a target. Riding with it in a backpack is a waste of time IMO.
  6. I've got one of those pepper ball launchers with a bunch of pepper balls I've been itching to use.....
  7. Yes. And if you use Empire you miss the mayhem around the SPAR too.
  8. Ok I got that well wrong.
  9. Thanks for your dedication. My daughter and I helped the young lady on scene and took her home. I decided I was gonna be rambo and trail the perp into IY with my trailing dog. My dog took scent from the cyclist and headed in the direction he went. I got 30m in there. Shat myself and turned around. I won't be doing that again.
  10. Some good news to this story. The bike was recovered yesterday by SAPS and a suspect arrested. From what I understand it's not the actual perp but a middle man/trader. I made contact with the cyclist involved and she in turn got hold of SAPS.
  11. The little circle is where the attack happened. The arrows are the route the perp took into IY. The arrows end where I came to my senses and realized I was unarmed with no flankers headed for ****. To re iterate. Don't ride past IY under any circumstances. Rather go Empire and onto Valley road. from my understanding there have been at least 3 incidence of this nature on that stretch of road in the last 2 days. It's literally 50m from a police station and there are cctv cams covering that bit of road. These okes don't give a funk
  12. My step daughter and I helped her and took her home. She was most likely concust. Her boyfriend took her to the hospital. Like an idiot I took my dog out (he's a mantrailing dog) and decided to trail into IY. I got about 30m in and decided I'm not going to have my dog killed for a bicycle. The incident happened at about 9.15 opposite IY on the graveyard side. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CYCLE PAST IY. They ARE waiting for you. it IS coordinated and the police are USELESS!!
  13. Those certainly look the part but all of the reviews I've watched on the youtubes complained about it being down on power compared to what you'd expect from a "normal" 450. But if the pricing is good and you know what you're getting into then it's all good. They really look the business to me.
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