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  1. So in news that's gone almost unnoticed on this here forum. Rouvy now offers workouts on AR routes. So can smash intervals while your little cartoon man rides up the tourmalet and a bunch of iconic climbs instead of the saaaaaame boring old Alp du Zwift And they have an incredibly basic beginner training plan. I'm sure that's the start of things to come. Add to that I have myself, my wife and my step daughter all linked on the 1 $15 subscription makes it a bit of a bargain.
  2. I trawled through the classifieds in the OP's price range in Gauteng and IMO that Super Six is indeed the one. Well spotted. And here I thought you were just biased towards Cannondale. Of the 2 bikes originally posted by the OP I'd go for the KTM. The Merida has a non series crank and brakes. And a Scultura is about as exiting as watching Big Brother reruns.
  3. Sure. But what does a 4 wheel equivalent cost. What does a street legal track focused Porsche cost? 4 million?
  4. That's hot. I love middleweight sports bikes. I kinda wish Honda would remake the RVF. That sweet singing little V4 in a modern chassis with modern brakes and Geo. With the single sided swing arm of course. And in Cabin Honda colors. Fans of Rossi (The honda years will know what I'm talking about) If that became a reality I'd buy one.
  5. In an Isuzu you have no choice but to be chilled. On a less jovial note. Yesterday afternoon I rode past a guy on a motorbike lying on the ground in Camps Bay. I couldn't figure out what was going on and if there was a car involved. He looked a little dazed and confused but not seriously injured. The crowd of cell phone toting gawkers was DISGUSTING.
  6. Mine was an 08. Which for me was the prettiest version of that under seat exhaust CBR. And I love the race replica color ones. The underseat exhaust wasn't without it's challenges. on a hot day in traffic you'd end up with a set of hard boiled eggs in no time. I shudder to think what it would be like for a pillion.
  7. Mine was in the HRC colors. Loved it. I love the Telefonica ones. And the other day I saw a blade in the West colors. Remember the West Honda's with Barros and Capirex? My one mate has a blade that he's turned into a race bike. HRC colors and he rides with a Marquez replica shoei. Such a neat setup. Somehow I've got a soft spot for Hondas. Everyone lusts after Ducati 998's but I lust after the SP1 of the same era.
  8. 1. I had a Honda RVF and those would rattle out if not checked. I suppose a little loctite should have been applied. That same RVF fell off the stand. (don't ask) You'd be shocked at how much damage was done by that silly little topple over. That bike is the only "object" I've ever owned that I truly miss. The motor made such a sweet sound and the bike had so much character. It wasn't as scary to ride as my CBR so it felt ok to belt it a bit. This is the only pic I have of both bikes together. Some TIK KOP low life POS and his mates jumped our wall and stole it along with a whole lot of other stuff. he rode it till it ran out of gas and abandoned it. It was recovered and I got it back but the love affair was over.
  9. If you're still looking I might have. I'll go look in my box of throw away bits tomorrow night.
  10. YOH! It's like they took my bucket list and chucked them all into the tour. Telegraph Galibier Croix de Fer Alp d Huez Aspin Peyragudes Aubisque Hautacam
  11. Sssshhhh! I accidentally looked at flight and accommodation prices. 10k ish. for flights on Turkish and Airbnb prices seem cheap. Could easily go for 10 days for under 25k if one stays away from That BAR.
  12. Stage finish in Chatel right at the bike park. followed by a rest day in Morzine and a stage start in Morzine. Aaaand the biggest linked trail network in the world. Joux Plane and Avoriaz RIGHT there. #justsaying.
  13. Watched the new bond on Saturday night. It was awesome to get out and go and watch a movie in a cinema. HANDS DOWN the best bond movie ever. The car chases were the best I've seen in a Bond. The Italian town where some of the film was shot is just beautiful. The toys were awesome. There were 4 Astons in the movie. Yes 4! A bunch of baddies getting killed. A believable Bond villain and an ending that had my step daughter crying. There's a bunch of nods to previous Bond movies in it which I loved. Yes there was a bit of SJW LGBTQ punting but if you concentrated on that you missed out on a good movie. BEST BOND EVER!
  14. Of the 2 the Schwinn. Nothing wrong with the Cervelo and it comes with the brand cache but the Schwinn is a 2018 vs a 2014. Get some black bar tape on there and you have a very swanky looking bike. Both seem very fairly priced to me. And I think you'll be happy with both.
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