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  1. Thank you @Chavo who sent me some files and for the link @NotSoBigBen I printed off a few different versions to play around with.
  2. @Chavo and @Omicrom - these are great little inventions! I am in need of a FD cover plate, are either of you able to supply one or two please? Even the 3D file would help please. Thank you.
  3. OTB closed over a year ago. I'm also in central Durban North if you need.
  4. Dom031


    I'm using Hubtiger to track services and components etc. Does anyone know how to easily swap components on the app (a chain for example) that I rotate every 300km? Thanks
  5. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/gloves/414654/new-fox-glovess R200 or R250? Small (advert) or Medium (in pic)?
  6. I got this one from Dominic at Summit. I see he's got one left. Good kit and always excellent service from Summit.http://summitbikes.co.za/index.php?id_product=761&controller=product
  7. Possibly a data field needs to be added to the swimming activity? I've just checked, under Pool Swim activity, there are no stroke related data fields. If I add a custom data field and then look in the Stroke Fields, there's a few options to choose from including Average Strokes Per Length for example.
  8. In my case, I usually give credit when it's due and tend to keep quiet when I have a bad experience. My experience with comms and Cogent. In August I emailed them asking for a small Fox part I needed. No response. I reached out to Omnico to ask if I could get the part directly or if they could recommend someone. They contacted Cogent and then of course I got a reply to my original request. The outcome here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/186544-cogent-ind-and-omnico-shout-out/ (see, credit where it's due). 3 weeks later I wanted a Fox decal kit and some options and pricing on remote lockout for my Fox factory fork and Fox float performance shock. Emailed. No reply after 3 days, sent a follow up. I got a 1 line reply simply stating my fork can be fitted with a remote but not the shock. I obviously needed more info, what's available, what are costs, turn around time, the usual. So I tried calling. Call rang off unanswered. Okay, they're busy. Website advertises WhatsApp contact. So I sent a message stating who I am, that I tried calling and what I wished to discuss. Message delivered and they show up as "online" almost instantly. I'm still waiting for a reply to that. That was 3 months ago, I've spent my money elsewhere now.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I will press on with my existing 12s chainring and see how it goes before replacing, shot!
  10. Hey all, About to put a new 1x12 XT upgrade kit onto my MTB. Do I need a special chainring for the Shimano HG+ 12 speed chain? I'm reading differing opinions online, comments about using a SRAM power link on the Shimano chain. Thanks
  11. I tried the Ambush and no matter how much I tried tweaking the adjustment dial, it just wasn't a good fit. Tried the Tactic 3, also MIPS and it was chalk and cheese with fit. Excellent helmet. Been using it for over a year. I bought the Fox Speedframe Pro (size large) online a coupe of weeks ago as I wanted a 2nd/spare helmet. Have not ridden with it yet, but it's a very good fit thankfully.
  12. I was at Solomon's this week, they had tons of stock from 26" to 29".
  13. Dylan (The Bike Mech) is expecting stock of Maxxis this coming week.
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