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  1. What a bizarre email! I may not log in regularly, but I use my devices and upload activities almost daily, how can my account be deemed inactive?
  2. https://support.garmin.com/en-ZA/?faq=FOkQKroQB20WJlfOrMhER9&utm_campaign=purge_firstPurgeWarning
  3. First 100+ ride for some time. Good times out there in the bundus.
  4. Ride Eat The Flemish The Flemish Classics Classics?
  5. Thanks for the clarification. We'll leave it there. It's sad to hear that that is their reality.
  6. Man I'm no English major/lawyer, but "can", "deemed", "perceptions". It's like saying that a lighter bike might make you faster up Chappies. Still sucks. I hate to sugest it, but is she a relation to a specific JWakefield?
  7. I'm doing up some reading on this IPTV. Looks interesting, however it looks highly illegal. Tread carefully.
  8. What did they do for R200? Zero missing perhaps?
  9. I struggle to believe he stays at this weight the entire season. It must look a bit unsettling.
  10. I'm not in the world of advertising and marketing, but 8 days of exposure versus 2? The audience size yeah is a big factor, but I don't know the viewership numbers for these events. He isn't doing much MTB-ing for someone who wants to go for gold at Paris tbf. But then again, this is MVDP.
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