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  1. MVDP already behind, what happened to his start, only tuned in now?
  2. Does anyone know whether there's a WA group for gravel riders/racers?
  3. Trusty steed at RTTS. Perfectly fine on most sections. 42c tyres FYI.
  4. He's my pick for our mini-fantasy league.
  5. Good luck with the recovery. Hope the symptoms aren't too severe.
  6. HI folks, Been looking at getting back into fixie/singlespeed just for fun, and I've fallen in love with the Rook Race Red. It was super limited, but am willing to pay a bit more than market if someone can point me towards one in good condition, and hopefully in Gauteng. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, right, right around Tdf time 😅😅😅
  8. I am the ******* lizard king.
  9. And wrapping up The Least Expected Day S2 on Netflix as well.
  10. Stumbled across This is Pop on Netflix. Very interesting.
  11. I've have a Titan Switch Pro (gravel) for a while and it's a very capable bike, I like it a lot.
  12. Amen. Saw a bike for sale on FB Marketplace at a super price, made contact with the buyer to structure a deal. I open my texts the next day and the bike had been sold already. Lo and behold it appeared on FB Marketplace at a 50% margin (from a well known buyer seller)! Free market and all that, but I was rather disappointed.
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