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  1. Yip, weather not looking very conducive to bicycle racing.
  2. Seeding emails have come through. Not surprising I've dropped from my usual AL.
  3. Has anyone seen Sunday's start times? GUD LUK to those who are spending Saturday night in PMB. Start-Times-and-Batches.pdf
  4. https://www.cyclingsa.com/memberships/racing-licences/ only makes sense if you want to partake in regionals and nationals and take part in international UCI events.
  5. No luck needed. Buy a CSA racing license (30-39, 40-49, you get the point) and you can ride/race with them irrespective of your seeding. But woe betide that man that follows this. Vets racing is hard.
  6. Me too brother, I've already started negotiating accommodation with a mate who moved down there recently. Now to just convince myself the wind won't be so bad 😅
  7. Unless you're very competent climber, that is an intimidating figure. It's going to be a very interesting day.
  8. I think people are underestimating the revised course. It's pretty much all climbing to the halfway point. It's going to be a unique challenge.
  9. I suggest you send an email to Melissa. She responds in good time from when I've dealt with her. I often wonder whether race organizers actually know of the existence of BikeHub. Because they can get so much feedback here that some silly 5 minute questionnaire post race will never reveal.
  10. How was the coverage anyway? You think there's a "replay" somewhere?
  11. What is the actual line up? I don't think Nolan will take it again. Perhaps Alan will shock us all, I mean look what happened when that Kiwi popped in after a casual World Cup race.
  12. Perhaps I can ask here since I recently acquired a Giant. Desperately looking for 90 or 100mm stem, Contact SL. And the Contact SL 420mm wide bars. NO ONE has.
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