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  1. Uuuummm, what does this even mean? https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/mountain-bike-brakes/472368/formula-gold-brakes-a
  2. In case there is a random chance anyone finds value in these, I have a bike frame box (for an XL frame) and 29er wheelset box available if anyone wants them (collection in Pinelands). I'm planning to recycle them but first thought I'd check if someone can use them.
  3. I have a few things for collection in Cape Town (PInelands) if anyone is interested. Would prefer that someone takes the lot. PM me if interested Two used camelbaks (one bladder has a small leak by the fill hole), two pairs XL gloves (well used), used 32t NW ring (104 BCD), pack cover, arm protectors (size: M/L), ladies First Ascent bike shorts (size M), tyre repair tools (no plugs): Two Maxxis 29er tyres: Aggressor 2.3; Ikon 2.35. Both have been plugged once and I think could be revived with a bit of a repair. Both tyres still have good tread life left.
  4. Sounds like OP will be losing the argument...
  5. The build looks lekker! But you're also trying to sell it?
  6. Hey Hubbers. I have some parts and books that I'm wanting to get rid of. I'm not wanting to split this up and would rather have someone who can pick this up in the Cape Town area (I'm in Pinelands) to take this off my hands. The pics should hopefully be self explanatory, but PM me if you have any questions or are keen on taking everything. I'll work on a first come first served basis here.
  7. The first number is the internal diameter of the seat tube. For the OneTen you want a 30.9mm seatpost
  8. Seems like Zarras alone will help bring this thread to top of the pile for 2021 - most viewed and most replied-to!
  9. Plus the rear tyre is in the wrong direction (can see the rotation arrow pointing the wrong way in the one pic). Can't ride a bike like that!
  10. Luca Shaw isn't dating Emily Batty! He is dating Jolande Neff, who is on the Trek team
  11. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/helmets/442910/bell-sidetrack-youth-helmet Is it R400 or R500? And does the same apply in classifieds as would in a retail store, where the lower stated price is what would apply even if it is incorrect priced? Plus, where does the saddle come into it...
  12. Yeah, I had this issue. Disappointing to say the least
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