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  1. Would be fantastic if they tested the VETS category; two riders already caught this year......come on CSA test the VETS, I can't wait until I'm in the 65-70 category to place?
  2. Timing company is total crap, results are buggered.
  3. We'll look at black spade and dark horse price is quite high.
  4. You mean chinarello Let's put it this way nearly everyone in SA is riding on hong fong it's all about the branding.
  5. Agreed, you can pick from different carbon weaves eg 3k. 12k or UD.
  6. Hi 30mm 38mm 50mm 60mm 88mm Been riding a pair of 50's for over a year and they are strong. Great quality
  7. They are all made in the same factory all hong fong
  8. There will be a choice Bitex Edhub Novatec Dt Swiss 240's With ceramic options
  9. Would you be interested in purchasing carbon clinchers at 9k with the same build quality as zipp, wheels would resemble the U shape firecrest.
  10. Turk182


    thanks, apparently no one is available to help, all out of office.....yay!!
  11. Turk182


    Still no answer/reply?
  12. Does anyone know if the ASG phone number actually works???
  13. Turk182


    Anyone having difficulty with their online payment system?
  14. Ok, anyone doing this, has anyone seen the couse in detail? Profile looks steep but looking at the map, looks like its on a highway, out and back?
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