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  1. Dear FondiMig, would you mind mailing Hylton with your real email so we can resolve this. Hylton@asgworld.co.za. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to post. We recently contracted an external vendor to develop the integration between our financial system and our online store. Needless to say this integration failed completely last Monday with this SIDI / HIGH5 sale resulting in several ‘out of stock issues’ and an overwhelming amount of of back-office administration. Coupled with an incredible uptake on the '50% off' offer, this placed a fair amount of extra pressure on a system that is designed to operate automatically and efficiently (and has to date). We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We have dealt with, or are dealing with, the orders that could not be fulfilled. In most cases upgrades or refunds were offered and dealt with. We acknowledge that a few customers did not get immediate feedback or assistance due to the above. More than 90% of orders taken as part of this sale were processed and delivered without a glitch and within 2 days. We are happy that one or two customers made the effort here to testify to that that fact. Our goal, as always, is to sell the best products at the best prices and deliver them as quickly as possible to your doorstep. Something that we’ve managed to do successfully since launching asgthestore.com and something that is supported by the 5* average review rating that we are very proud off. If you still have a specific problem or query related to this or any other daily sale, please mail hylton@asgsport.co.za and we’ll revert as soon as possible. We'll continue to offer these daily sales leading up to the opening of our new Pretoria store and hope that you'll forgive us any growing pains that may have caused some inconvenience...we're not going anywhere and will address each issue to the best of our ability. Hopefully we won't have too many more issues to deal with. Regards The ag team
  3. So guys, Our Shipment of the Bkool indoor trainers arrived, Now just waiting for customs to clear... So if you are looking for a cheap set-up have a look at the Bkool Smart Go http://asgthestore.com/bkool-smart-go-pre-order Gives Power,Cadence, Speed AND it includes a ANT dongle so no need to go splash 700-1000 Bucks for a dongle.
  4. mmm i don't think you need a gaming PC for zwift, You can make it work on something WAYYYY cheaper, OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.8Processor: Intel Core 2 DuoMemory: 4GBGraphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5 Hard Drive: 4GB of free space This is the minimum requirements for Zwift, Maybe looking at R3k so spend the rest of the cash on a nic BEEEEG TV and a super sound system to gooi Metalica when slamming that interval and a then with the change you can afford a BKOOL indoor trainer
  5. ASG

    BKOOL is coming...

    We received a good review on our trainers . We still have a few left that you can pre-order before they run out. They will arrive in SA next week... https://www.bikehub.co.za/features/_/gear/reviews/review-bkool-smart-pro-indoor-trainer-r6753
  6. Hi wahoofish Yes we are We import the following products Pinarello, Ellsworth, Willier, High 5, Rudy Project, Scicon, Sixs, Ftech, Veloflex, Fast Forward, Ursus as well as Selle San Marco, Sidi , Bkool Trainers
  7. Great. So you got 1000 points after registering... which means if you go checkout the product you can use the 1000 ASG points for a discount.
  8. Rudi your points has been updated
  9. Stefmeister, I heard a whisper that there might be a few 1000 points registrations left Go and register and add the vest to your cart.... i leave it there so 1000 ASG points is R250 worth...
  10. Hi Guys With regards to the SLX pricing please bear in mind that the first link was for the latest upgraded M7000 range. So that pricing is much more expensive compared to the older M675 range. However here i loaded a SLX M675 Set for you, and its wayyyyyy cheaper http://asgthestore.com/accessories/mtb-components/brakes/shimano-slx-m675-disc-brake-set
  11. Hi Pusher That is for a lever, Brake hose, Caliper and Brake Pads
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