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  1. Many will tell you that I don't need the Morph suit!
  2. This race gets better each year. I crashed plenty times. Fortunately nothing serious. There is an art to riding the tunnel. I crashed once in there, and then a bit later heard the guys behind me hit the deck.
  3. Anyone else get a dodgy batch SMS just now? Apparently my name is Wawrick and I'm starting in E batch.
  4. You can't make this sh** up. Just when you think the Epic has rid itself of the unsavoury Evans/George combo they spring this surprise on us.
  5. Jules

    JUMA 2016

    I thought that poo sign was so cool I rode to Grayston this evening to fetch it. It was still there. Its new home is my bike room.
  6. Jules

    JUMA 2016

    Yep. It wasnt bad. Even racing from P batch. It was clear that an enormous amount of work had been done on the route. The Anatomic tunnel was awesome. Can't ride stuff like that anywhere else. Hopefully the positive feedback will mean this race happens next year and becomes a fixture.
  7. Jules

    JUMA 2016

    On the plus side the marshalls should have woken up by 8.20.
  8. Jules

    JUMA 2016

    At registration today I asked to change my category from single speed to sub vet. I was told this would be impossible. For a brief moment i considered telling them to shove their entry. But I figured I've spent the R400 so I may as well experience the bottlenecks in all their glory. Much patience will be required.
  9. Jules

    JUMA 2016

    I received an email saying that we should bring lights, and not wear shoes with cleats. How seriously do you guys think these instructions will be enforced? If a podium contender rocks up with tekkies and a light he might be upset if organisers let others ride with cleats and no light. I rode without a light and with cleats two years ago and I survived. I entered single speed category with the aim to race it. But they have given me a start time of 8:20. I envisage bottlenecks and a generally unpleasant race, so I'm going to change to sub-vet category. These little things contribute to the reason JUMA has struggled to get entries. And more serious things, such as marshals fast asleep as the lead bunch came past two years' ago. Apparently they were dropped off at their posts around midnight so it's no surprise they succumbed to sleep.
  10. Signed the petition. Number collection belongs in the dark ages.
  11. TheOldC**tBiker (why does it keep doing that?) has been hammering hard on Twitter about my relationship with Moneyweb. I don't really believe he is so dim-witted to think Moneyweb shares all of my opinions. Thus, I can only assume he is attacking what he perceives to be my livelihood. What I find fascinating is how muted Brandon is in his condemnation of Kevin's behaviour. Let's take the most flattering scenario: Kevin saw first-hand how David's actions harmed the sport and hurt his team mates. Yet despite this he raced without a TUE, knowing he could get popped and do the same harm. I stress that this is the most flattering scenario. My suspicion is that the truth is much less flattering. Oh, and apparently I'm a "well known cycling web forum troll". Did you guys know this?
  12. There is a space to ask difficult questions or make uncomfortable observations, which does not amount to whistle-blowing but certainly goes some way towards shining a light on this behaviour. If you do though, don't be surprised if you get a lawyer's letter paid for (belatedly) by some fanboi with deep pockets.
  13. Interesting to see the Chemical Brothers and their groupies attacking Darren like that on Instagram. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, I don't think shame is something that comes easily to any of them.
  14. Spidey, you and I must be doing different races. I've been racing sub-vets for five years. Been on the podium multiple times, even at SA champs, and I've only ever been tested once - at 94.7 one year. And that was just urine. So I think a vet who wanted to blood dope could do it without any fear of getting popped. But I agree with you; the money is better spent on testing the elites and u23.
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