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  1. Damn... i was hoping that was a 60NM torque wrench .. thought i read it somewhere. I guess its back to Park Tools
  2. Did you get this set, and if so, whats the torque wrench like?
  3. Paulst12


    That would do it... thanks for enlightening
  4. Paulst12


    Why do you say its hard to like him?
  5. https://www.specialized.com/za/en/s-works-epic/p/175233?color=281542-175233 Off the shelf
  6. Looks like a pretty standard S-Works with a dropper post added? I think its cool that guys like him can be an Epic winner on a bike thats available to Joe Public and doesnt have any special proprietary stuff added to it.
  7. I was talking about wearing board shorts over you bib shorts... pretty my like a pair of FOX baggy shorts Wearing any non-padded shorts is just crazy
  8. Its all about what was wanted? If it was more along the "board shorts" design then whats the problem? In effect board shorts can be worn over normal cycling shorts and have the desired result?
  9. Deserves a mention... winner of the 55-59 cat also rode in a class of his own .. ave speed for 5 laps 34.6km/h Some quality cyclists in SA!!
  10. I was thinking the same thing... I hope he is going to age group world champs - will be favorite to win it!!
  11. 'Drunk' cop arrested for allegedly knocking over, killing cyclist in Vanderbijlpark https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/drunk-cop-arrested-for-allegedly-knocking-over-killing-cyclist-in-vanderbijlpark-20220206 Shocking in every sense of the word... common denominator is alcohol !!!
  12. Thanks very much ... seen some great write up's on their shorts
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