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  1. I had a 30 40 52 FSA 170 10 sp crankset on my tandem. I started running out gears, so had a modification done. I put a 55 big blade on with a 42, but the chain kept dropping between big and middle blades.Must say I did get my speeds up on flats and downhill. The LBs's tried narrowing it with washers but in the Argus I dropped the chain twice - very frustrating the first time as we were comforable in a group, did 3.16. Second time it got back on after much fiddling by changing back and front gears. The one LBS says they can get a FSA 44t, to replace the Shimano 42t they put on. Must say, they have been very helpfull. My question is: Do you get a standard combonation for above ratio, or is it you have to build up a crankset. Have googled, but my knowledge is limited as to what will do and what not. What did other Tandem riders do. Started in RT in Argus, and everybody basically had bigger blades on. So it can be done. Can somebody give some advice pls?
  2. Hi Seanmort. We were the Cycle Lab tandem that rode with you guys on Campsbay road. I shouted to you to get on our wheel, but I think you were just overworked by then. Riding RT is not fun, they are very good and cofident riders - excluding us - but they dish you quickly on the hills.. What I did enjoy is the support for tandems on Edinborough and SB. Very specific support for tandems...they understand the effort needed to get our sorry asses over the hills. As for the singles that ride on your wheel, that's racing. I don't have a problem with them, but some are real aerosoles with their aggressive attitude to cut infront of us, even though we were riding on the sides going uphills.
  3. Should you have an Argus entry not being used, I will take it over from you please.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. I delined the offer. I will search, If anybody is aware of a 50/52 carbon bike for sale pls let me know. Prefably in Jhb/Pta area.
  5. I'm interested in buying a Solis Nitro for my daughter. It's a size 50, carbon, with SRAM Rival groupset, Reynolds Solitude rims. What should a fair price be for this bike? The LBS wants R12,000. It's a 2006 model. Please give me your opinion, as I value the knowledge of people in the know.
  6. Screaming at my tandem partner - my daughter - to peddle harder, and stop looking at the men...and concentrate on getting us over the hills. starting in E.
  7. Rode in racing tandems, and "AL" combined in a group. What were they smoking to do this combo? It was hairy, and very fast. When we caught C4 then it became even worse. Mayhem...got pushed of the road to avoid a potential crash when C4's started getting into our group. Surely there were sufficient tandems to start independently..Not a good arrangement as far as I'm concerned. The weather was good, waterpoints and road was good, and my daughter and I got a 3.04 which we were pleased with.
  8. Starting in E on tandem, up from G. Was hoping for racing tandem, but one day when I'm big...
  9. after saturday's ride, shopping list for the group of 14: 2 bend rims - one a deep section. 3 punctures. I am aware that GW is trying to get the road sorted out, but hey.....last year they did the road repairs... come on...they are a cycling club... not a sub department for the roadworks division.
  10. A few of us did part of the above route on saturday, and all of us are in agreement... the road surface is bad after the silos, not a road to be doing big races on. Last year Germiston Wheelers repaired a long strech of the road past the settlement area. Most of us decided it is going to be to risky to do this race, and it would be unfair for GW to have to do what goverment should be doing, and that is to repair roads again. Always did this race, good and fast for most riders, but not this year, unless something is done to road surface or route.
  11. used it after the crater cruise - 101- and found it did give relief and healing quite quickly.
  12. either you get yourself into a boarding school, or post mom off to the nearest retirement village, or leave the 4x4 on the pavement.
  13. Dischem East Rand does not have the green stock.
  14. Must say tks for the article BH, very good stuff and encouraging for us 50+ people. Subtle remarks have been made that I'm on some "beetle juice" as I am really riding well and strong at the moment I have set my own targets and work toward them systematically, and by giving between 6 and 8 spinning classes a week, it really has worked for me. And I can really say, I am stronger as a cyclist, compared to when I was a runner and younger. Weights do help as well.
  15. The Kremetart is part of the seedings at Cycle Lab. The results for 2008 is not on as Cycle Lab is struggling to get the results from Championchip to update the seedings (as with some other races of 2008) Any chance of using WT then? Surely it is going to happen again with CC.
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