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  1. The fact, like all other bicycle related products, that we are willing to pay for it…
  2. I spent R2700 on diesel for my vehicle yesterday.... it does have a spare tank, but jeepers!
  3. Wow! My favourite brand and a beauty!
  4. https://evobikes.co.za/product/shimano-pedal-axle-tool-tl-pd40/
  5. Thankful we are moving on from safety glasses...
  6. Grips are as personal as shoes and helmets…. But my go-to is Burgtec Bartender grips.
  7. But i love their energy and friendship! Well done to them!
  8. I do not think the will be better with a pro set-up. They currently have a huge hunger and drive to prove themselves. Once they sit comfy, that will be gone. This is the problem with professional sport.
  9. I love threads (pun intended!) like this!
  10. The main drawback of a longer travel fork and bigger front wheel would be lifting the BB height and stand-ever height. A high BB will feel less stable. Maybe a compromise - 27.5 fork with 100/120mm travel...
  11. Looks like you need new wheel bearings as well…
  12. Yes, you could ride Sani on a rigid SS… but it would be more enjoyable on a 120+mm full sus. Also, it would make most sense for future riding and progression. Look at 650b in small size as well…
  13. I would also look for bent teeth in the cassette
  14. This cannondale with new part is a great deal… and i would say large
  15. Also look at Banghoek trails - between Boschendal and Pniel...
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