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  1. Who's the minolta rider on the left. Does anyone know what's csc plan for the future. Are they going to be racing up here now???
  2. 1st Malcolm Lange 2nd Nolan Hoffman , 3rd Chris Willemse , 4th Abdelbassat HannachiCrono2007-02-25 04:45:40
  3. you want to know what's up with the raleigh quality........ ITS A RALEIGH BRU! If you think of raleigh, what do you think of............ MAKRO AND GAME.
  4. Up here in JHB they go for R 7000
  5. Yes i have one. Makes it much easier and its fun to race yourself and against competitors. Trust me, it's worth it. How much are you paying
  6. How much can you buy them locally for?
  7. Where can i get the best price for a cosmic carbon wheelset. The new ones!! What do they go for!
  8. Ya you right, i guess chris jnr is the clever one, there is no future in cycling if you want to stay in south africa. What do you do afterwards. He started with his online shop, and its gonna grow.
  9. I can tell you now, chris jnr is getting a fat salary in cape town. and i promise you, jeremy maartens won't ride for anything below 7k
  10. not bad at all! Happy to see they signed some of our boys up here!
  11. I read in the newspaper that the cape town csc team has signed 3 jhb riders. any info??
  12. Colonel who's riding for them?
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