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  1. I agree with Narra about splitting the race over two days. On the Sat. you'll have the "Funriders" and wannabe pro's and on the Sunday the pro's with rolling road closure. That way I can actually become a cycling spectator and cheer on my chosen team, on on one day and be a participant on the other. I think that is the way some of the one day classics and Tour stages in Europe organise it (SwissVan??) It was also interesting listening to the comments of Darryl Impey on SC last night on his year in Europe. It is the second pro SA rider that gave me the impression that they would rather race in SA because it is easier and they get paid better. Maybe they should make the pro races in SA longer and more difficult. Toughen up our pro's so to speak. Then again I get the idea that it is more mental strength that physical strength required for SA riders to make it Europe. That is why I think Robert Hunter made it into the big time.
  2. In 1991 Crossing of Ring Road and R59 In V-town. Driver claimed the sun blinded him. Injuries: couple of scrathes Damage: minimal In 2002 c/o Tin and Buiten in Bromhof Randburg. Drunk girl in a red Chicco that drove away. Injuries: 2 cracked ribs, torn ligaments in shoulder and various abbrasions. Damage: bike was replaced. In 2004 crossing of N1 and Hans Strijdom. Truck driver claimed he did not see me. Injuries: 2 cracked ribs, broken collar bone, punctured lung, internal bruising and various abbrasions. Damage: bike was replaced
  3. 3D4D

    One year on..

    Have been on and off the bike for 18 years. My wife and I have a backpack full of medals and a head full of memories. Here's to teaching my two newborns the joys of riding a bike.
  4. This is the ugliest color scheme in the pro peleton. Green, red, black and blue. When it comes to a choice between ugly or boring colors I'll go for boring. Sorry 'dale fans but they can really come up with a better combination. http://www.cannondale.com/liquigas/images/gallery/mediacamp/large/2.jpg3D4D2007-02-02 06:01:26
  5. Ok, I got a Tacx i-magic indoor trainer and for the first time I started staring at Wattage data. Currently this meens absolutely nothing to me. Since I'm to lazy and tired (I got two 7 week old boys at home ) to read up on it, can someone give me the basics? How do i start using this to build my fitness. My current fitness level = 0 for reasons mentioned above (). Where and how do I start? Are there programmes I can look at etc. It seems to get very technical and my sleep deprevated brain can not handle too much so, just point me in the right direction.
  6. The Fortius is the new one on the market - apparently a better braking system that the i-Magic, but the same software and functionality. Westdene quoted me R8000 for the Fortius and said that they don't bring the i-Magic into the country anymore.
  7. CWC is advertising it for R4500.
  8. Is anybody using one of these, it seems to make indoor training a bit more interesting. Is it worth the money?
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