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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Will be using the knowledge gained
  2. Hi, My son would need to get his learners license in a few months time. Is there people with some tips to just make it a bit easier to get booking, and where to get the best study aids to ensure a pass first time. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I assumed Hubs to be replaced, but was wondering about the gains if I have new Hubs, but sound like it is not much. I guess it can only make you stronger if you have to pedal a bit harder.
  4. I have a 29er with Cup & cone entry level wheel bearings. Would it be beneficial(easier ride/less friction) if I upgrade to better bearings?
  5. Thanks, I have installed it and will test it this weekend
  6. Hi, I am one of the Guys who cycles on a budget and could therefore never afford on of the fancier Garmins etc where you can download a GPX file. I am thinking of doing the Race to the sun but see you need to have a GPS device that can download the route. One thing that never came to mind before is that my Cellphone would probably be able to do this with the correct APP. So my question is , what would be the best app to download for Cycling to use where I can download gpx files and then use them while riding.
  7. Hoping Meintjies and pozzovivo can deliver more points in the Giro, Nizzolo will probanly be there as well.
  8. My Main issue with NTT is the fact that they did not ride that much as a team , and the sprinters seem to work each for them selves , or if the had a leadout , they started to early, I guess it is not that easy to manage but they seem to either drop the sprinter of at 1 km or they were going at it all alone. 10th and 12th in the final an example.
  9. Loved it as well. Nice to see the passion behind the scenes . Landa totally different to what imagined him to be. Nairo, just not happy, Well you could see the difference in his results this year. He might have won the Tour.
  10. Still the same as usual for me, although the usual have been much less the last few months. I saw that the British Cycling union Wrote to the British minister of health to include cycling as one of the things to do during period of social distancing.
  11. He did well on Sunday in similar type of Race, but there he was closing all the gaps in the last 20 kays and had no sprint left, So I think that was still fresh in the memory. He is in bloody good shape, Therefore if the races is hard he does better than the pure sprinter stages.
  12. I know he spends a lot of time in Italy as well as some other members , wondering if they will be able to get out of Italy now to race. Maybe not for a while.
  13. A good(bad) second for Nizollo again yesterday. Looks like he is in good form. The climbers also did well on Saturday in France. This while the guys were released from the UAE tour last night as well.
  14. I am looking to set up lights for outside mainly for security reasons and maybe some inside as well . If you do lights only that can work of DC you do not need an inverter, My question is , Can you use any battery? Like a car battery for instance to be charged via a solar panel?
  15. Cheese

    The Classics

    Just wondering if the Covid-19 will have any say in the start of the race.
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