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  1. An edit of Ross Kew riding Cascades MTB Park... The kid is a real talent... And so fast! Hope you guys enjoy (and share) this video... Help spread his name about a bit.
  2. The riding here is great... If you like natural trails... We've got some really great ones! Baden-Baden is a pretty city/town... Although I usually just scoot through it on my way to the trails...
  3. Difficult to time... But my favorite time is just after the leaves pop... The temps are pretty good and the forest is just the most spectacular colours and smells. So green and vibrant it almost hurts you eyes...
  4. Almost exactly... It's one valley over from Baden-Baden... Gaggenau and south down to the Badener Höhe.
  5. A little vieo I put together from a collection of the footage I have taken with my DJI Mavic Mini... Been flying it over the valley over the past little while to collect up some B-Roll for my videos, and decided to put together a little "cinematic" of where I do most of my riding.... So here it is....
  6. Hi Guys and Gals... Here are the first two videos in a little series of review videos I am currently working on for the Specialized Turbo Levo SL. The SL is the "Smaller, lighter, more trail orientated" e-bike in the specialized range. With builds down to sub 18kg and a smaller motor and battery it is billed as the more hard core e-bike in the range. So we had to put it through it#s paces over a few days of testing. The first videos are the introductory review: And the Range test: Videos... Hope you find them useful... Phil
  7. I've been running an oval chainring for a couple weeks now (first time running one) and have put together a review video of my thoughts on it... Hope you guys and gals enjoy! Philly
  8. So... With Lock Dow happening all over, I was a bit bored and thought I'd see if I could do 100km on my indoor trainer... While hung-over... It's a bit of a silly video, but was a good laugh to do... Well... The first half was... The second half... Not so much...
  9. Hi Guys and Gals... Here is a review/First Ride video I filmed for the new Enduro... The trails were a bit messy from some winter storms we've been having, but still got the bike out for some ace runs! Awesome bike!!
  10. MTB videos... From all over the place... We'll be down in the Saffa filming again in a few weeks... Looking well forward to that trip!
  11. Hi y'all... I put together a video giving a bit of a run down on the process of adding GPS Overlays to a video. I set this up by first doing some color correction in Premiere, then exporting to Dashware (open source) and using the data collected form my Garmin 520, but uploaded to strava. Basically just exported the GPX file of the ride I wanted. Hope you enjoy!
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