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  1. I would just like to thank whoever has cleared and repaired the MTB path up Constantia Nek. it is on the shoulder of the road and the path has been swept, vegetation cut back and laterite placed on rutted areas. I have ridden the path since I have lived in Hout Bay. It is a safe way to join the trails on the other side of the Nek, if you don't want to ride pipetrack. Does anyone know who is doing the work?
  2. Good day all! So, I'm heading to Riverdale for a week at the end of April and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for mountain biking routes? I had a quick look on Trailforks in the area, but didn't see any routes. I'm not sure if there are any dedicated routes around there that aren't showing up. I'd appreciate any suggestions! (Otherwise it will be me with a trail bike on the farm roads )
  3. Hey everyone! I'm a fairly active woman, in my mid-twenties (1.68 m tall) looking for a mtb within a budget of approximately 3.5 to 4.8k. I just had my entry-level Raleigh nomad 90 26" bike stolen. So, looking to slightly upgrade from this. My aim is to find something that is budget-friendly as well as won't need replacing within a year or two at least. I would potentially like to enter races in the future, I used to run 5 and 10k races (with the intention to do longer ones) but recently stopped due to achilles injuries. I have heard that road bikes tend to be more difficult to ride for beginners. I live in Somerset West so would be riding around here and possibly to Stellenbosch. I found a few second-hand bikes which I will list below: -GT Karakoram 3.0 29" wheels, 3x9 groupset, medium frame. Hydraulic disc brakes. Grossmark 11 alexrims MD19 tyres. Shimano Alvio gear set. rear derailleur. Shimano Acera crankset. for 5.5k (a bit out of my budget). -GT Karakoram medium frame with deore xt components. Magura brake levers. 29-inch new Hornet tubeless tyres (ridden twice). New saddle. Just had a service. Spare saddle and cycle clothing included. At 4.9k. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/551320800270968/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post -Titan Racing Calypso Cruz 650b medium frame 27.5-inch wheels. tubeless Vittore tyres. Hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano Altus rear derailleur.. All Shimano components for 6.5k. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/713574107217115/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post Titan Calypso 27.5" tyres. Unsure of sizing, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/572736628032405/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post -Titan Racing Rogue SE second hand for 5.5k. Ad did not include specs but the bike is apparently close to brand new, have added a link to the official site for specs here https://titanracingbikes.com/bikes/rogue-se/ -Merida 1: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/213050991346228/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post 2: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1305792310280194/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post What would be the best bang for my buck out of the above? Or alternatively any other recommendations in this range? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Updated: links Thanks in advance.
  4. I am in the market for a new set of tires and found a great deal on the Pirelli Enduro range through Takealot. However, there are two options, they offer the Soft range and then the Medium/Mixed range at a bit of higher price. Both are well within budget, I am just unsure which would be best for Cape Town and it's surrounds terrain. Any advice would be appreciated! Enduro Soft : https://www.takealot.com/pirelli-scorpion-27-5-x-2-6-enduro-soft-terrain-cycling-tyre/PLID71579396 Enduro Mixed : https://www.takealot.com/pirelli-scorpion-27-5-x-2-6-enduro-mixed-terrain-cycling-tyre/PLID71579393 I ride mostly short burst enduro trails (10-25km) in and around Cape Town.
  5. The Klein Karoo at it’s best, vast expanses, clean air, the sound and smells of the veld, skies so clear you can almost touch the stars! This event is a family friendly event and the venue lends itself towards it. The campsites are under trees on grass with swimming pools and play area for kids. Leeuwenboschfontein has so much to offer from hiking trails to a 4×4 route. Over the last 20 years this area has gone from sheep farming to guest farms and the game has moved into our area by themselves: gemsbuck, eland, kudu, wildebeest etc and loads of smaller game as well. This event is aimed at getting out of the rat race, away from phones and pressure and therefore this event isn’t timed. You have a choice which distance you would like to do every day. It is about getting out into the veld, stop and breathe….just relax and enjoy the trails and the scenery. No Pressure! The shorter stages are suited for riders that does not enjoy technical terrain and the longer stages you will find more technical sections. E Bikes are welcome Stage 1: 78km with 1047m ascent 50km with 492m ascent Stage 2: 75km with 1040m ascent 48km with 600m ascent Entries open 10 January 2022 https://makadasadventures.co.za/leeuwenbosch/
  6. As we near the end of the 2021 season, let's get a chat started about rider and team changes, both locally and internationally!
  7. Hey everyone. The last thread I created everyone was super helpful so thought I’d do it again. I’m heading down to the Richtersveld (Sendelingsdrift) in a couple weeks with a bunch of mates and thought about doing some rides up there. These will likely be out and back rides that’ll probably take up half a day each (or so). I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what it is like up there, from a riding point of view, and if someone knows the routes and can shed some light. ps, GPX files would be amazing!
  8. Hello all! I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses given my current pair leave my eyes gritty, super dry and very uncomfortable after longer rides, especially on windy days. I must thus assume my current pair are letting in too much wind and debris. Wind, dust and all sorts of eye torpedo's are a given on a mountain bike (or any bike in fairness) but I am certain better eye gear will prevent my eyes from feeling like someone sandpapered them after a ride. I would love some recommendations of glasses that might provide the following: More coverage from the lenses (my current pair of Oakleys have fantastic lenses but they are just to small)Sufficient ventilation to help with fogging (more coverage usually means more fogging )Better wrapping around my face to stop wind getting in the sidesOption to swop out lensesSize options or a make that caters to smaller / narrow faces (my biggest problem is getting a good fit, I must just have a tiny head ) I've seen a lot on the forums that give suggestions for sweat and fogging of glasses, but haven't yet found advice for glasses that might help block/reduce wind irritation, so I'd be so grateful for any suggestions, given a good pair of sunnies usually cost a fair penny.... Thanks
  9. Good day all, We will be down in Kommetjie in the Western Cape and I was wondering if anyone knows of any gravel road or beginner trails in the area? As per my intro I only started MTB a week ago so for me it is gravel roads and easy trails to get into the swing of things. I did do a search and went through the trails thread but cant seem to pick up anything for the Kommetjie area. Thanks
  10. Hi All, So I'm buying my first bicycle out of my own pocket. I just want something I can ride and have fun with on weekends, cruise around town, do some long distances and take pictures. I'm looking at a MTB as I'd like to venture off road now and then. I eventually want to get into road cycling in about 2 years time when I am fully comfortable on the road and I can afford a great bike and built up my fitness. I'm looking at this Titan Rogue Ryde for R5.2K, https://www.olympiccycles.co.za/shop/titan-rogue-ryde/. Any advice?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old University graduate looking to purchase a new bike. I rode quite a lot a while ago, but University got in the way (and my bike was stolen..) I would like to ride on trails, so I think dual suspension is important. I have done some research on bikes, and have compiled a spreadsheet of options here. If you could please take a look and offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated! I have added a column for comments to be made if that's easier for you.
  12. Hey guys I am possibly in the market for a new STEEL MTB FRAME that is likely to built up as a single speed (but possibly geared) I am looking for suggestions of bikes that are available in SA (or easily shipped to SA) Must be 29er Let me know your thoughts
  13. Hi guys I need some help. Iv got a second hand Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer. Problem is I cant seem to get it setup with my bike. My bike is a large frame 29" Silverback hardtail mountain bike. I have set the mag roller to its lowest point however the quick release of the trainer and the skewer of my bike dont line up. My bike is about 20mm too high. My I convert to a smaller tyre? Can I put my wifes 26" tyre on my bike for use on the trainer? Should I rather buy a cheap roadbike and keep in on the trainer? Or am I doing something stupid?
  14. Hi y'all... I put together a video giving a bit of a run down on the process of adding GPS Overlays to a video. I set this up by first doing some color correction in Premiere, then exporting to Dashware (open source) and using the data collected form my Garmin 520, but uploaded to strava. Basically just exported the GPX file of the ride I wanted. Hope you enjoy!
  15. Hi All, Here's a little video from the Indoor Bike Park in Strasbourg - The France... Such a fun place to escape the cold and work on skill progression... Next time we'll spend a bit more time in the foam pit when it's not so crowded with BMX Bandits...
  16. The 17th edition of the ever popular Bloem 24 Hour Mountain Bike event will once again take place in 2019. The Bloem 24 Hour MTB event will in 2019 be powered by Diesel Electric together with KYB Shock absorbers & NGK sparkplugs. The event will once again take place at VCSV Retief Camp grounds just outside Bloemfontein, next to Maselspoort on 30 Nov 2019. As one of the most popular mountain bike events on the calendar, riders can look forward to a fun filled year end challenge. The Race village will be taking on a brand new look with support zone and braai area moving to a new spot. With the Start/Finish “stoep” still the main feature on the race village area. With a brand new side by side bridge system planned to get riders in and out of the 7km lap, it’s going to provide an even more spectator friendly environment. The 2019 event will see Solo and Team categories compete for the title of the top dog after 24 Hours of riding. With a lap of 7km and an average accent of 80m per lap it could turn into an interesting race.http://www.24hourmtb.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/24-1-300x200.jpg In 2018 we saw a new solo male and female record set at the event. Daniel Stroebel claiming the Solo win with a total of 392 km (56 Laps) and Bianca Cooper finishing a fantastic 5th overall on 315km (45laps). With Diesel Electric, KYB Shock absorbers & NGK sparkplugs coming on board as the main sponsors to the event, we can all expect some fantastic changes and improvements to the event.http://www.24hourmtb.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/24-2-300x224.jpg The teams will be competing in any of the following categories, Open Team / Mixed team (2 Female, 3 Male) / Schools Team (allowed 1 extra rider). 24 Hour Coffee, Food and all kinds of snacks will be available at the race village, and lucky draw prizes will be going out every hour of the event to those who are on course. Entries available: http://www.onlineentry.co.za/event/24h19 http://www.24hourmtb.co.za https://www.diesel-electric.co.za/bloemfontein-diesel-electric-fs-pty-ltd/
  17. Hello everyone, I am looking for a street trials bike in Cape Town. I am willing to swap a 29 inch mtb hardtail that is brand new. It's worth around 6k. It has been ridden once. I am looking for anything entry level in trials to start out with.
  18. The DRI (Dustin Rudman Invitational) was held this past weekend. Here's some footage of mine and others crashes, plus the prize giving. Enjoy!:
  19. Bike 1: Silverback Stride 27.5" MD Bike 2: Silverback Stride 29" HD Area, Pretoria. Close to Wolwespruit House broken into on 7 May 2019 Don't have a nice pic of the 29" It's me mum's bike, will see if I can find more info later. Both bikes have gotten 'small' upgrades sometime after these pics were taken: The 29er has Ryder Dual Elite pedals now and should have a tubetubby as well. Can't remember whether the saddlebag was still on. Should also be a red silicone light tied on somewhere. The 27.5 has new platform pedals and a clip under the seat for the saddlebag which they conveniently did not take. There was also a black bell on the handlebars (with paint missing from a fall) and a red silicone light clipped on the right front shock. Maxxis tyre at the front, some other brand on the back since I blew a tyre and tube last month. Hope this might help.
  20. Has anyone ridden this bicycle before? I am asking more about the new fork and rear shock from Fox that uses the new Live Valve technology. I would love to know what your experience was riding this bicycle with emphasis on the fork and shock. How was the setup, any issues? How was your riding? Did the technology work as expected? I am in 2 minds regarding this bicycle because it is new tech for a bicycle and it looks bulky with regards to the unit and the wiring. Is it worthwhile getting a bike with it now, or rather wait for more iterations of the unit? Here is the link to the bicycle: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/bikes-anthem-advanced-pro-29-2019
  21. I was wondering why you would choose Scott's HMX SL carbon frame over the HMF carbon frame? Just for reference, here are 2 mountain bikes that make use of these 2 frames: SCOTT SCALE RC 900 SL BIKE https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-scale-rc-900-sl-bike?article=269720008 SCOTT SCALE RC 900 PRO BIKE https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-scale-rc-900-pro-bike?article=269722007 If both frames had the exact wheelset and groupset on, what benefit would the HMX SL frame give over the HMF frame? If you were blind folded would you be able to notice the difference? I'm not a pro, but i do long distance riding and trail riding, that's about it. I'm competitive n my group, but not a pro. The pro bicycle has a horrible brown and red colour to it! I would love to hear your opinions.
  22. Hey guys. I got an offer for a used bicycle and I need your opinion if this is a good deal or not. Momsen AL029 Race Tech Frame 2x10 Shimano XT Drivetrain Shimano XT brakes Rockshock 30 Fork 29" Giant PXC2 Wheels R6000 Based on this information would you guys say this is a good deal? Please keep in mind I am on a budget of R6000 and need a large frame if you recommend something else. Thank you.
  23. Hey guys. I am on the hunt for a used mountain bike to start cycling on, and I need your help to decide if this is a good deal. 29er SILVERBACK SPECTRA COMP Shimano ACERA rear derailleur Shimano ALTUS front derailleur Shimano ALTUS shiftres Shimano hydraulic brakes SR SUNTOUR remote lockout shox 22" (Large) frame 9 x 3 speed R5500 It is being sold by 'Cycle & Gym Worx'. Have any of you worked with them and was it a good experience? If you guys suggest something else keep in mind I am on a budget of R6000 and need a large frame. Thank you (Link to the Gumtree ad) https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-mountain-bikes/johannesburg-cbd/29er-silverback-spectra-comp-mountain-bike/1004545275840910003592209
  24. Hi guys, Help on this would be greatly appreciated! I am a roadie looking to dabble in some mtbing - in my long search for a mtb within my price range - the options have been narrowed down to the 'Cannondale Scalpel-SI 6' and the 'Merida Ninety-Six 600'. I would really appreciate the hubs advice on both these bikes. Below is the low down on each bike (apologies for adding in ALL the detail, just have no clue what's important to look at and what isn't): Cannondale: FRAME: Scalpel-Si, 100mm, SmartForm C1 Alloy, Zero Pivot seatstay, Carbon Link, PF30, 1.5 Si head tube, Ai Offset FORK: RockShox Reba RL, 100mm, Solo Air, Tapered Steerer, Maxle Lite, 51mm offset REAR SHOCK: RockShox Monarch RL, 100mm RIMS: Stan's NoTubes Crest S1, 32 hole, tubeless ready HUBS: Formula DC51 front, Formula DHT-142x12, (Ai Offset dish - Rear) SPOKES: DT-Swiss Champion (Ai Offset dish - Rear) TIRES: WTB Nineline Comp 29x2.25" DNA Compound. PEDALS: Not included CRANK: Cannondale Si, BB30, 36/26 CNC Rings BOTTOM BRACKET: Cannondale Alloy PressFit30 CHAIN: KMC X11, 11-speed REAR COGS: SunRace, 11-40, 11-speed FRONT DERAILLEUR: Shimano SLX, side swing REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano XT Shadow Plus, 11-speed SHIFTERS: Shimano SLX , 1x11-speed HANDLEBAR: Cannondale C3 flat, Butted AL6061 Alloy, 760mm GRIPS: Cannondale Locking Grips STEM: Cannondale C3, 6061 Alloy, 1.125", 31.8, -5° HEADSET: Cannondale HeadShok Si BRAKES: Shimano Deore MT500 hydro disc, 180/160mm BRAKE LEVERS: Shimano Deore MT500 hydro disc SADDLE: Cannondale Stage 3 SEATPOST: Cannondale C3, 6061 alloy, 31.6x350mm (S,M) 400mm (L,X) SIZES: M,L,XL (29") Merida: FRAME NINETY-SIX LITE 96mm suspension travel FRAME SIZE M, L, XL COLOR GLOSSY BLACK ((BLUE/SILVER)) FORK Manitou Markhor Comp SHOCK Rock Shox Monarch RL BRAKE FRONT Shimano MT-500 BRAKE REAR Shimano MT-500 BRAKE LEVER Shimano MT-500 HEADSET FSA NO.55E HANDLEBAR MERIDA Expert CC HANDLEBAR STEM MERIDA Expert CC GRIP MERIDA Comp EC DERAILLEUR FRONT no DERAILLEUR REAR Sram NX Eagle SHIFTER FRONT no SHIFTER REAR Sram NX Eagle SEAT POST MERIDA Comp CC SEAT CLAMP MERIDA Expert SADDLE MERIDA Comp CC CHAIN Sram NX Eagle CHAINWHEEL Sram NX Eagle 32 teeth FREEWHEEL Sram NX 1230 Eagle 11-50 teeth 12 speed BOTTOM BRAKET Sram BB DUB PF MTB 92 RIM MERIDA Comp CC TIRE FRONT Maxxis Ikon TIRE REAR Maxxis Ikon HUB FRONT Shimano MT400-B HUB REAR Shimano MT400-B AXLE REAR JD-QR48R Boost axle 12x148mm ROTOR FRONT Shimano RT10 ROTOR REAR Shimano RT10 SPOKES Double Butted Black stainless WEIGHT 13.13 kg
  25. We've opened up new Cycling and Running Tracks on our Wine Estate out near Philadelphia. We are open for training over weekends - Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The trails open at 12 on a Friday and close again at sunset. Saturdays and Sundays we are open from 6am until sunset. Registration takes place in our deli - Olivia's - or if they are closed you can register up at our restaurant Mariella's. Cyclists pay R40 - children under 12 cycle for free. When you're done with your ride we offer coffee's, toasted sandwiches, wraps and salads in our deli, or feel free to book up at the restaurant and bring the family out as well. For any questions or queries, contact Steph on 072 770 9695 or by email at trails@capaia.co.za.
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