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  1. For those that are interested there is a Rouvy group ride tomorrow . (1) Rouvy Group Ride - Misty Cliffs of Africa! | Facebook
  2. Wife just purchased this bike from the Bike Vendor. Great service professional and what a pleasure to do Do business with Leon. Keep up the good work your business will grow
  3. hey BMC Fan good to hear from you again !!! wow did not know Yara was that old already hope you bought her a BMC yea time sure does fly you must come and visit in Velddrif sometime lekker braaied snoek and a knertsie rooiwyn !!!
  4. https://my.rouvy.com/group-ride/live/54250?fbclid=IwAR220rrmkuDNZ3xwGH_k-GqTHZawpwFDmKwE9Dv1gu8IiUzqLclI5o3SFlo for those who want to do a group ride on Rouvy here is on on saturday morning .
  5. Hi there i was wondering has anyone used these two virtual platforms and what would be the pros and cons of the two . Cheers
  6. https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3228890253794695&set=pcb.3073711786012435&type=3&theater
  7. Good morning who could i contact for spares for my mavic krysium freehub +- 12 years old . thanks
  8. wahoo has this function you can enable or disable the function
  9. all the best to you too thanks !!! just check the posts now and again and add my 50c worth maybe i can help someone like i was helped when i started cycling i am more into my indoor trainer now far safer and the wife can join me too
  10. you would also need a good fan
  11. Hi we have a Tacx neo took me a week setting it up but my wife got that and i bought a Wahoo kickr snap wheel on trainer and i also got a Wahoo elemnt . I would say tacx is overpriced and a mission to set up . Wahoo would be my choice and throw in a Rouvy subscription and you can ride anywhere you want road or MTB .You can download any GPX file and ride it on the app. enjoy
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