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  1. You ares right though, but I think it goes much deeper and further than that . Most people nowadays have social media and use it for attention whoring . The issue at hand is that Mr. or Mrs. lard@$$ might have done sport at school or even worse never done anything physical. Now they have cross fit, a disciple where you can come across as a mean physical specimen . What makes it even more appealing is that you can attention whore around it on various social media platforms . It's an image driven sport IMHO and cannot be sustained in to old age .
  2. On Friday evening my wife and myself were very fortunate to have been invited to see Wayne Hussey in concert . This was huge for me as I have been a fan since 1985 . What a super evening and I was given pass to take capture some images .
  3. Ashton was superb, he reminds me of a young Andrew Eldritch . He did his cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic . This is the cover and a piccie of him during that performance . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ce0NIS4b14
  4. What a gentleman and what a pro. The people that missed this, ,missed an epic performance .
  5. Thanks to all of you so far . Dru, this is the expo itself. http://www.gauteng.outdoorexpo.co.za I must just add, when I met with the organiser she decided that for the cyclists they still want to charge for kids as the proceeds are going to the SPCA . That is if they are going to join the ride .
  6. Great people indeed. The lady that owns the company and my wife are very close . She is a really giving person .
  7. Jou blikskottel I was at physio, been riding with a broken arm for 5 weeks and didn't know. Thanks tjom .
  8. Very hard to capture an image under these conditions with the sun right at you .
  9. The 2 million dollar lens . http://shutyouraperture.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/leica-apo-telyt-r-1600mm-right-460x307.jpg
  10. This is little Jacques in hospital at the moment . All alone ,his parents can only see him at 11:00 again, hopefully he feels better and then he can move in to the children's ward .
  11. I will be bumping this thread lots. It's time for us as cyclists to show we really care. We also have a generous donation form a company called http://fines4u.co.za They have donated R 3000.00. to the cause
  12. According to the OP these guys did a pretty horrid job on his bike, unfortunately he left it a bit late. But what I want to chip in on are all the "home mechanics" Yes it's pretty simple doing most things on a bicycle, doing to right is a whole different ball game, I see it often on bikes and I just chuckle to myself .
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