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  1. I haven’t been working on bikes that long. But in 36 years I’ve had of doing so, I’ve learnt not to trust many.
  2. Man I would love to return to this event one day again.
  3. It’s amazing what they have achieved in such a short space of time. A brand on the rise for sure.
  4. Hope you are well. Excellent camera body, great sensor. I would suggest the Fujifilm 10-24 for the landscape and wide angle stuff. If that’s too wide, the 16-80 mm lens is superb, crisp, very light and well priced. https://fujifilm-x.co.za/user-experience-x-photographer-anton-bosman-on-the-fujifilm-x-t5/ https://fujifilm-x.co.za/2019-8-15-thoughts-on-the-fujinon-16-80mm-f4/
  5. I can build or supply a wheelst.
  6. If speed is not a big concern, you could easily sacrifice the road bike for a gravel bike. If you enjoy riding off-road, and you aren’t used to riding fully rigid hardtails, you will have a problem with the gravel bike off-road. Also bear in mind, even if you had the hardness and skill, your are running small volume tyres and you won’t be running them at a low enough pressure to try and compensate for that lack of suspension, you will wreck rims. In short, gravel and mountain bike and life should be good.
  7. My advice to anyone riding alone. Ride alone in more built up areas, in other words where there are always people around, if something happens, you can be sure a Good Samaritan will make an appearance, this country has many good people. In the event of a crash or medical issue, in a more built up area you are almost certain that help will come from somewhere. As for your own safety against bike jackers and attackers. Its a risk one takes, but I can’t stress enough how some people just don’t have proactive practice of protection..Situational awareness is a skill that needs to be developed, and it can be done by accepting that there are many negatives around being out there alone on a bicycle. As we accept the negatives, we start thinking proactively. Thinking proactively betters ones chances for when an undesirable moment was to happen.Train the mind and train the emotions. It could make all the difference in saving your life if things were to spiral out of control. Yes,I weapon up (not with a firearm) And yes I’ve had some hairy moments and managed to get out of those situations. Work on that awareness, know your limits, learn how to be calm. Stay away from danger areas, follow forums and groups where these areas are being flagged and spoken about. Change your route and your times, these thugs love watching routine and act upon that, it’s every seldom you will just encounter a random opportunist. If you feel vulnerable being alone, seek out the safest riding spaces and join a group of riders to make you feel safer about being out there. Im off on a tangent again, sorry folks. Sometimes my fingers act with my thoughts.
  8. Happened to me 2 years ago. Started my ride, felt some back pain and woke up in an ambulance. Turned out to be a kidney stone (drink lots when you ride peeps) Luckily he was nice enough to get my phone out and call the wife. I now have crash detection enabled on my phone and have an ICE ID.
  9. Ride alone 90 % of the time, been doing it for years 👍🏼
  10. You won’t be disappointed. It’s the best spot anywhere in Gauteng to ride IMHO. It has everything one could ask for, challenging climbs, flowing single track, distance and safety.
  11. Reading through some comments here I have come to the conclusion. Humans don’t get old. They can perform at top level till they turn 90. Everyone has won the TDF, some more than others. Retirement is not for sissies, somebody needs to inform Merckx and perhaps also Mike Tyson whilst they are at it. Humans aren’t jealous, they only get annoyed when others do better than them. South Africa has the biggest population of top level riders, in a group ride(no matter the size) there will only be one normal human. The rest are super human. The Dunning Kruger philosophy is a myth. Bye for now, have a lekker weekend champs.
  12. Thanks BigBen I need the hours 😀
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