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  1. I'm a helluva lot shorter than you and not much lighter than you currently, I've got form 300km+ a week training to quite possibly not even 300km in the past 2 months in total, So the pace might even be too hot to handle currently. Hopefully I'll see you on the road on race day or perhaps even before then.
  2. I've seen you rolling around the Peninsula quite often in recent times, Any chance I can hide behind you on race day?
  3. What's the wind looking like for race day?
  4. The test is in the interest of of everyone's safety, Correct? Well how is testing only those who are not vaxxed safew for everyone when again, even if you ARE vaxxed you may still be carrying and may still contract the virus? If the CT trust feel that they need to then test only the unvaxxed, then that should be at the cost of the organizers as I'm sure it will not be more than 20% of the entrants or they should refund those who do not wish to pay the R250 for the test as again, when the guys paid their entry fee, the rule of being vaxxed was not in the T&Cs.
  5. In all fairness to both parties, vaxxed and unvaxxed, CTCT organizers should then refund all those who refuse to pay the R250 for the test and choose not to do the race as when their entry fees were paid, the compulsory antigen test or fully/partially vaxxed ruling was not in place! Legally(from what I've read) The organizers cannot keep the entrants money as the new rules were put in place AFTER the entrants had paid in full. The only risk of losing out on their entry fees were stated in the T&Cs.
  6. these also look very similar to the 100% glasses, So if someone bought these oft Takealot, should they then not be allowed to sell them here if they no longer want them? https://www.takealot.com/rock-polarized-multi-lens-cycling-glasses-10131/PLID66342658
  7. If you're talking about the "Sutro" ad then I didn't actually see that they had the "O" logo on the arms, which I believe is then allowed. Takealot sell them aswell and they're not passed off as "Oakleys". There are now so many brands who have followed the Sutro and Jawbreaker shape. The ad just looked like plain Sutro looking glasses, but again, I never saw any logos so they should be fine. https://www.takealot.com/sophie-moda-cycling-goggles-mirror-coating-sport-bicycle-sunglas/PLID65543121
  8. a mask seems to be the only guarantee, well for some anyway
  9. Let's add that the TT bike is borrowed, the wheels were borrowed and it's her 1st ever ITT event. Proper baptism of fire I'd say.
  10. How big are they usually? I'm usually alone by the Holiday Inn already so never really take note LOL
  11. Agreed 100% But unfortunately it doesn't seem like CSA are really interested in developing athletes, All whom go over do so on their own accord, Like Tyler Lange recently. has a few top 10s in a few of the races he's taken part in in Belgium.
  12. Well she is the current SA Ladies Road champ so she has earned her spot.
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