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  1. The Sportive was held under PPA and not WP cycling as they are 2 separate organizations. WP cycling are still running their winter league races actually as per usual and I can promise you that the bunches are way bigger than 40 people. And I was actually in agreement with the "gun to mat" type timing as used at CTCT which as far as I'm aware is a UCI sanctioned event, or am I wrong?
  2. PnP truck needed. Funny part, that was the easiest of the 4 on the day LOL
  3. No wonder they can buy their cousins expensive bikes as surprises when they work offshore, because they get all this money coming in.
  4. Top tube bag isn't big enough, I use a karrimor or a moon bag/Man Bag, you know, Like that 1 you use when you go shopping or walking with the Mrs.
  5. I don't own a gravel bike so if this is on all of them I do apologise for the dumb question, But what are the 2 bolts for on the top tube? Another bottle cage? Special touring type/Gravel top tube bag?
  6. At the sportive the bunches were too big, So they spilt the bunches up basically just by a marshall walking in the middle splitting the bunch up "evenly" where he saw fit. So if you were racing hoping to better your seeding and all the faster guys were in the first split and you in the last split, It would be proper tough to get back to their bunch especially if they set off fast.
  7. Yeah I see so, he is most likely doing just that then.
  8. Spot on. At WT races you don't see Caleb Ewan sprinting to the finish line and then the next day they say he was relegated to 10th because 9 other riders rolled over the line 15secs after him at the start so their times are faster.
  9. Any idea if he has created a new account, perhaps same IP address? i just get a feeling that he is the type pf guy who wants to see this thread and whats happening, Like Friday he was here all day reading the comments but obviously not ballsy enough to respond, Just get a feeling he is like those criminals who go back to view their own crime scene, or is there no way of tracking the new members since his was suspended?
  10. Impey is out of the Olympic games, Not enough time to recover from his crash he had. Replacement to be announced soon.
  11. He is here, Reading these comments and this thread but has nothing to say. Or will he pop up with another "everyone makes bad decisions bla bla bla BS response" I'm sorry but after reading all the comments, it seems he does what he does knowing full well what his intentions are and the jumps on the high horse and please forgive me wagon and tries to be all politically correct when he knew all along what he was doing and why he was doing it!! And then he comes on Bikehub, reads the thread and goes on his merry way, Or is he going to think again of another politically correct please
  12. S-Works Carbon Handlebar | Bike Hub For this price it seems if you Buy the bar you'll get an Sworks MTB free.
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