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  1. I am in need of a new DH bike and this is one of my top 3, very nice bike !!!
  2. Not recent at all. To confuse you more... http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Hyper-Bicycles-Signs-Zink.html WTF and where did Hyper bikes come from?
  3. Which would you have? The Wilson SL comes with a Carbon rear triangle and is a proven performer. Keen to check out the 1st ride reviews on this new Evil though.
  4. U read my mind. looks way more like the Devinci, which I am seriously considering, but whats up the pivot system on the evil...could they make it any more complicating?
  5. The thing about the upside down forks is that they are allot more active, which is awesome but you compramise rigidity. With moto its fine because the added weight to make the fork stiff enough is fine but for DH the added weight is too much, and the weight is higher up the fork raising the centre of gravity. They also said is doesnt corner as well as the normal fork. Oval axle's? that would cause some problems
  6. Does this fork not flex allot, especially the SC32? I know the Dorado does and thats why its a Love / Hate fork.
  7. I would love one but more of a longer travel XC bike than a Trail / All Mountain bike, which I need atm. Awesome bike though !
  8. Ooooh forgot about the Trek. Love the DRCV suspension
  9. I have tried the it. In theory its amazing BUT I jumped on one with high expectations and...it just didnt perform like i wanted it to. It is still an awesome bike for the average rider. I do ride my bikes HARD though.
  10. I was also leaning towards the Mondraker...but at just under 50k
  11. Hello Hubbers There are so many bikes around and im having trouble deciding what bike to get. Iv got a Trance at the moment and what something with a little bit more travel, I think 140mm will be perfect. My options so far: http://www.mondraker...kes/FOXY-RR/222 http://www.pivotcycl...bikes/detail/10 http://www.commencal...ain/meta-am-1-2 http://yeticycles.co...s/ASR5Carbon/1/ http://yeticycles.com/#/bikes/575/1/ http://www.intensecy...iber/carbine-sl Which do you think? Any other options you could reccomend? Thanx
  12. I know there are but they arent nearly as good as the ones in CT. My friend has one on his farm and there is another one here
  13. http://www.bicycling.co.za/vote-for-your-top-bike-shop Have YOU Voted yet??? Support your LBS...Preferably The Bike Shed, Contermanskloof!!!
  14. Depends how they feel, i got charged 40% because it had material inside it, therefore it was classified as clothing, which is 40%.
  15. Im gonna have to disagree with you there, you have to remember once you get it here they add 40% duties and then 14% VAT on top of that so ends up being just as if not more expensive as buying it here, and besides support the LBS's!
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