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  1. You would need to check the orientation of the "ears" and their thickness. Some 58mm portafilters are nearly universal, but I can't remember which
  2. the nerd and I thought that we'd found the end when we opened a coffee shop and roastery...... Turns out that we were wrong
  3. I have a La Peppina that I've been playing around with. It definitely adds another dimension to your extraction. I found that the grind size and dosing is significantly different to my HX machine and every change makes a difference to the feel of the lever It's just another chamber in the massive rabbit hole of coffee
  4. Our shop is in Emmarentia, called Fingers Crossed Coffee. Address is 2A, Fifth Avenue. Otherwise, I've dropped you a PM with our contact details.
  5. You're definitely missing out. We've been roasting a single origin Uganda for 3 plus years, that doesn't fully develop until around 3 weeks post-roast and maintains its flavour profile well into week 7 or 8.
  6. Plenty of narrow country roads to ride on. Not much MTB near me, unless I drive out to Ticknock or Rostrevor, which I haven't had the opportunity to do because of Covid. Looking forward to riding some of the Wild Atlantic Way at some point too in the future, post-vaccine.
  7. Living the dream! It's pretty good, working, living, etc. even in spite of Covid. Living in a small town of about 25 000 people, with two roasters and 9 coffee shops, so I'm in coffee heaven.
  8. PM the_nerd. He has an uncanny ability to sniff out these machines. In fact, I think he has a Silvia waiting for a new boiler
  9. www.acmecups.eu Not sure if they ship to SA though
  10. Works out to around €57/kg including shipping in the EU, so about that, yes.
  11. So, my grinder finally arrived from SA, so took the opportunity to sample some of James Hoffman's finest. Maybe not the best idea to dial in a (very, very, very clean, cleaned for emigration) grinder with these beans, but its in the ballpark now, only minor tweaks needed. Can highly recommend Square Mile's Sweetshop blend.
  12. It was a long time coming. Basically a drawn out lease renegotiation that didn't come to fruition. The owner went out of his way to help us when we started up and throughout our coffee journey, so I have a very soft spot for Royal Roasters and the team there.....
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