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  1. He appears to be very confident and even answers his phone.I certainly hope the police can track him.The sad thing is I will probably not get my bike back BUT I would Love to see him sit in jail for a good few years.
  2. Stolen: Scott E-bike Spark 910 2017 When: 25 September 2019 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape As per above.Stolen in front of Heldeberg Cycle World close to Somerset Mall Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  3. I did the RideLondon event.Great event,well organized with an awesome route.It felt like I was doing the TDF with so many spectators lining the streets,it was simply unbelievable support.
  4. E-bikes are not only for the ‘fat & lazy’ ! They certainly do not mess up any trails and clearly should and will not compete in races other than their own category.As someone also previously mentioned,they have a maximum speed assistance of 25km/ hr which won’t therefore always be of assistance. If it is going to get more people riding bikes then what is the problem ! Rather than retiring from cycling due to age/health issues etc,cyclists now have another option. They are not totally dissimilar to one cyclist having a R5000 bike with lousy components and weighing a ton as opposed to someone else they are competing against with a R50 000 or even R100000 bike. They are part of the future in cycling,so let’s accept that and ALL have some fun.
  5. I have recently bought an e-bike which I use once a week to ease the pressure off my back (I have had 2 spinal fusions). I would love to do the K2C again but having queried the race organizers who have not bothered to respond,does anyone know if this is permitted ie to use an e-bike (Scott 710).
  6. I am looking to watch the stages around Arabella Wines,is anybody able to give me the best viewing spots and where would I find it.Thanks
  7. Looking forward to doing the 50km but waiting to see the route/profile
  8. I don't think my current cycling partners like riding in the cold much lol.I am looking for partner/s to ride regularly with,that is,I generally use my Mtb for rides from Euodia cycles to Grotto on the road or do the Urban Assault/do a ride to Kleinmond or the Klaarwyderskraal loop etc.I have done the Blue route in the valley recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not looking for racing snakes but rather someone to go out and enjoy the rides and at a reasonable pace.I am fairly open about what time but around 0800 in winter suits me. If any men or women are keen please inbox me your details and I will make contact.I see quite a number out on their own which is probably not too safe.
  9. I am moving to Hermanus in December but will be there from Thursday 13th October for about 10 days.I am bringing my mtb down with me.Are there any regular rides (nothing hectic or too pacy lol) that I could possibly join..... even 2 or 3 riders would be fine.I don't mind riding on the road if that is possible too. If I were to ride on my own on the Hemel en Aarde trails,would it be safe and possibly out towards Stanford. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
  10. I did this race yesterday and what a great ride it was.It is pretty flat but a little tougher than what one might expect when you look at the profile. As usual the farming community did a great job,not only the actual route/s but the yummy food on offer.There was also a little bazaar where you could buy pancakes,biscuits,jams and the like. I would strongly suggest that those that enjoy mtb'ing in the Eastern Cape pencil this one in for 2017. Congrats to Stephan and his team for a great race day.
  11. I have had 2 spinal fusions and after trying numerous saddles bought a B-17 and have never looked back.They don't like water so be careful.
  12. Two cyclists on a tandem were attacked by 3 armed individuals in Glendore road yesterday.I am led to believe that another cyclist was attacked in the same place last week as well. Many cyclists use this road for their Marine Loop ride so I guess the only answer is now to make sure we all ride in bigger groups. Very sad news.
  13. I am moving to Hermanus in a few months so looking for some mtb'ing trails/routes please.I guess it is not safe to ride on your own,so looking for a group that goes out regularly but nothing too hectic. Can someone please recommend a good place to look/start.I see there is a cycle shop over the road from Hemel en Aarde Estate where I am going to be living,they could be worth a visit to check all this out I guess.
  14. You could try the Ironman shop in Main rd Walmer or any of the bike shops in PE.I don't know if it is a good idea to hire a bike just for the event itself ie your body will not be used to the fit and cause all sorts of aches and pains. Hope he comes right and has a good event.
  15. I am sorry to be missing this ride..... I will be out of the country BUT hope to join in next time.
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