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  1. Pop quiz peeps...... go run a 1/2, full or utlra marathon. Guess who part of your entry fee is submitted to?
  2. http://www.cyclingsa.com/news-and-press/2015/2/17/reintroduction-of-uci-rule-12019-forbidden-races So basically if you ride the Argus, you can't ride Epic or any other CSA/UCI race for a month and have to pay a fine. I wonder if Cav and Renshaw will be suspended!!! Didn't work in the states... http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/02/news/usa-cycling-welcomes-suspension-of-forbidden-races-rule_316189 http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/04/mtb/opinion-uci-forbidden-race-rule-is-unworkable-for-north-american-mountain-bike-racing_281274
  3. Likely an invite for all A/B riders..... Note sure about the logic although comms and bike marshals that actually do their job will be a nice change from the norm. Kinda like a league... now there's an idea
  4. Group of 80 on a tight 1.4 circuit that transitions from road to pavement and back is a concern. I also remember some nasty water drainage grills under the Helen Suzman roundabout.
  5. Very little chance of you forgetting anyone unless they newbies!!! Especially if they haven't paid up from years ago.......
  6. Anyone in Montague Gardens?
  7. Midge/Sharon always notify early via sms and here if it's called off. Looks iffy most of today but no heavy rain clouds or storm blowing in yet. I'm going through regardless ????
  8. Rain gone away, going to be an epic nights racing as normal..... Been a long winter ????
  9. Just to reiterate Short != Shortt No relation, zero connection.
  10. Gotta click on your route and ensure the url is your route. Also make sure you've made it visible to everyone Like this one [ http://www.mapmyride.com/za/rosebank-western-cape/99er-2012-route-62765660 Edit: looks like you sorted it out
  11. Just plotting the route.... Down Strand and onto Liesbeek Parkway through to Muizenberg
  12. I'm in to give Woolfie some support/flak....
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