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  1. At least inflation is controlled better in NZ than SA. Some industries are printing money, others just surviving but as you say, us hard workers deserve to be compensated I'm tired of sacrificing...
  2. Super Hectic Hayley, glad he is in safe hands now. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  3. Stop making me jealous guys, I've just sat down at work to start the day ;-(.... Would much rather be at a Hubber NZ catchup...
  4. Congrats but looks too flat and easy to build on, where is the challenge you always look for???
  5. Wishing you luck that its still there later this year.
  6. That and if I have to swim to NZ lol... But hey I am not getting my hopes up again. But try I will!!! I miss my NZ Buddies!!!
  7. So this morning I received a link to a job which would suit me perfectly, from an ex supplier of mine, who is now based in NZ. As I arrive to work I get an SMS from a NZ immigration Agency asking if I still want to move... Is this the universes way, in telling me to try again, to get into your lovely country? I sure as hell hope so....so I've applied for the job... How I would get to NZ is another story but hopefully they are willing to wait for me or allow me to work remotely for now... That is if they would even consider me in these strange times... But hey if you don't apply you will never know...
  8. Very interesting, I wonder how far under the hull it sticks out?
  9. Ever since I went on 2 Jet Boats in NZ, its all I want back in SA....
  10. rad006

    Alcohol Ban

    That is worth some serious money there...Ill swop you for 3/4 full Johnny Green ;-)
  11. @Intern I hear what you are saying, but lets look at a situation closer to home. Zim, uses the US Dollar. When I went to Zim everything was so flippen expensive. Surely being our neighbors, the cost of labor and to do business is not that much different to SA? Were currencies also not better regulated when you had to back them up with Gold? Although without gold, there was not enough currency to go around... I hate economics hahaha
  12. I don't want this message to come out wrong.... But if from 1994 the Government built on what we had then, and only went upwards, didn't promise free everything but created opportunities for all. Apprenticeships, More Jobs, Easier access to finance, Free Schooling, Free Trade School not Varsity. Upgraded medical teachings to allow as many students that wanted to study it, providing they qualified (Marks Wise or Financially as to not be a burden on the state). Would we be in a totally different position now? In a way I want to think yes, but then reality tells me it doesn't matter what was provided, people would still want to live in remote areas where financially it makes no sense to offer services as the cost out-ways the Pro's. That and the fact that every country has Slum areas. Ideal solutions just don't work in reality, never mind the virtual world, Sim City is proof that no matter how much planning or "Money" you have its impossible to have an always thriving economy. So we can learn from that. On a side note, I was reading an article about now is the time to provide a "Universal Income" whilst the idea sounds great, it could lead to a society of non-providers. But then it got me thinking. Isn't the real solution to have one global currency. As lets be honest, why does production costs have to be different from country to country if the value of human labour is now the same everywhere? Surely that will bring every country into the same play ground and cause all nations to automatically upgrade the lifestyle of their citizens? I mean why the hell should I have to work 20x more to be able to visit the UK? I understand their salaries are lower, but how nice would it be if we were all on the same playing field. If we could get there, there would be a lot less people making tons of money and it would distribute wealth everywhere... Well that's my theory.... Let the abuse begin ;-) oh and Happy Friday everyone!!!
  13. Just an update on the beer, apparently they have only dumped 25000 Litres at this point in time and have been granted permission. Lets see if this happens and how many trucks get looted...
  14. Hi Guys Well here is an update on what I am seeing in SA. Just like Intern mentioned, people that need operations are not getting them. I crashed on my MTB just in time as I managed to get my AC Joint operated on (Crashed Early Feb, before Lockdown). My surgeon, a family friend has not been allowed to operate at all. He has managed to see post op clients for a checkup but that's it. He says unless you have a life threatening issue, you will not be allowed to be operated on. From a company perspective, I am seeing alot of Tax Payers losing their jobs. Some are getting pay cuts up to 50%. I mentioned Tax Payers as lets be honest, these are the people really keeping the economy alive, and without them where do you think grant money will come from. Looting is on the increase but as always its being blamed on people are desperate for food. Well no, looting liquor shops is not due to being hungry. Speaking of which, the government is adamant that we still cannot buy booze. SAB contacted them saying they would have to destroy 400 million bottles of beer if they cannot transport it to depo's. NOT SELL, just Transport it. If not they would loose R150 Million and would have to retrench over 2000 staff members. That is 2000 Tax Payers!!!! Illegal cigarette sales are flying at around R1000 a carton, and supposedly Dlamini Zuma is a benefactor, seems to me she is getting some tax free, untraceable money for her next election campaign. So you tell me, how is a country meant to keep giving out free money (Grants, some have increased for the next 3 months) if you are not getting money in via taxes? Loans great, how do you pay them off??? Banks are only offering a 3 month payment loan/holiday, if you cannot find a job then what? Oh and our Lockdown levels are stopping alot of people from actually doing any form of business and get caught traveling without a permit and hello fine or jail time... I wish we could see the bigger picture here as someone is making alot of money and its not just the people selling PPE....
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