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  1. Lucky Luke....thats a good idea! Here's another .... when you start the class they say you must set the resistance to your maximum, which is fair. How about linking the bikes all together so the instructor can control the changes based on that resistance...they turn their knob and everyone's resistance changes accordingly...that way you are guaranteed to burn....no cheating... now stop hijacking my thread
  2. The prices vary, I'll upload the quote later.....
  3. I have just received a quote from Fitness World who sell the Star Trac bikes, in fact the NXT ones used at Virgin and also another series called "Pro" from Star Trac. Will look into those...... Anyone bought from Fitness World before?
  4. hey Folks...any update on Hedianga?
  5. Holy Cow....thats really sucks...where about do you stay Packy?
  6. Ok, so I went to Sportsmans....those Hope trainers are the biggest pieces of **** I have ever seen. Just the look and feels scream "fall apart in 3 months" Thanks for all the feedback people!
  7. @Grebel ... have one already and agree it would be cheaper, but I honestly have such screwed up work schedule with meeting etc. that my time to train is rather varied and it would suit me better to have the option of being able to quickly jump on at strange times and with the gym you're pretty much limited if you work like But thanks for the hint!
  8. Hey hubbers.....i want to buy a spinning bike for home use. I see sportsmans warehouse has two Hope bikes they sell...one with a 20kg flywheel and the other with an 18kg flywheel. Looks for good and bad reviews on these bikes? http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/cycling-2/indoor-cycle-training-equipment/bikes-for-indoor-training/hope-indoor-spinning-bike.html And http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/cycling-2/indoor-cycle-training-equipment/bikes-for-indoor-training/xtreme-indoor-training-bike.html Searched the hub for past reviews but couldn't find any... Thanks
  9. I live around the corner and saw the park is now open everyday between 2pm - 5pm. Has anything changed since the last postings?
  10. Wayno, where in Pretoria East?
  11. Yup, Delgado, it's real sad!! But Brett was an awesome oke.... I know he is happy now and he kicking it back up in the clouds with a beer and probably planning his next biking trip Peace Brett!!
  12. The taxi that hit him was fleeing a previous hit and run, it hit Brett from behind, he then got flung into the on coming traffic and then another car hit him. Because of the stupidity of a human being he has died..... if only the taxi driver had stopped to take accountability FOR HIS ACTIONS THE FIRST TIME. I am very very angry at the moment and even just this morning the stupid things taxis do and get away with on our roads makes me really sad....
  13. He was hit in Church street,I am not sure where in Church street...
  14. A taxi just hit a mate (Brett Lawer) of mine while he was on his training ride this arvie. I know nothing more about it yet, but please be vigilant out there everyone *** news and makes me very upset...he was training for the Argus RIP Brett
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