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  1. It looks as if that taxi had an altercation with something bigger and uglier before it met with the poor little grey car
  2. I'd rather be one of those 4 roadies than @'Dale right now...
  3. Sheesh WTAF ? That is a lot of blood ! Where is your saddle ? So many questions ! Sorry to hear this @'Dale Sending healing and positive vibes your way. I hope that some camera caught this incident and justice is served.
  4. I also had that 2mm clearance on my tyres, which nearly ended my DC because of a tiny stone that got wedged in there and started cutting the tyre. Frame clearance at the chainstays was also tight, so a slight bubble in the tyre or mild wobble in the wheel needed swift attention.
  5. I struggled 28mm tyres on my 2013 Giant TCR - more at the rear because of the brake arch clearance due to the height of the tyre. The front was less of a problem. Also, getting the wheels on and off was a mission because the brake calipers didn't actually open wide enough. This made me think that my bike was old and wasn't designed with these fat tyres in mind. Shimano did have a tall version of their caliper brakes: https://bike.shimano.com/en-EU/product/component/shimano/BR-R451.html I don't understand how those would have helped as the mounting bolt on the frame dictates where the brake arch sits. Or, maybe they just opened wider.
  6. It seems like the CoCT did a blitz over the last few days. The Castle was also cleared (and also caught alight) and an area below Wynberg taxi rank (which was disrupted by gang related violence). Lots of displaced and angry people all over the place now.
  7. Hectic Glad nothing bad happened. Next time. take his keys and drop them off at the Cop Shop. (I hope that there isn't ever a next time...)
  8. Sheriff cleared them out and then a fires broke out destroying whatever was left: https://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/homeless-evictions-and-fires-sea-point-castle-tent-cities-burn-ffff50c6-04ee-4842-b4af-156ce3b1ac6a
  9. Is that your normal saddle height ? Or did you drop it for the photo or while you were riding ?
  10. In the age of internal batteries and wireless everything (except brakes), I cant help but feel that this system is a bit version 1.0 from 2015. Cool idea, but external cables and sticky-outie bits and separate mounts and non integrated bits are clunky. I am hoping that the next version is sleeker like @Kom wishes that it was.
  11. Indeed. But wait until the prices are released, and then check this thread blow up!
  12. It looks like there are holes underneath, so you probably need a mount like this But with a GoPro mount below. And then you need a light with a GoPro adapter (possibly the Bontrager Ion Pro) This looks like it ticks the boxes - not sure if they are available here though. https://k-edge.com/shop/road/k-edge-garmin-integrated-handlebar-system-ihs-combo-mount/
  13. I am not sure what the last few posts have to do with a motorbike speeding up the wrong side of the road and hitting a cyclist head on ? I hope that this isn't descending into victim blaming again...
  14. It's been a while since I have been up Ou Kaapse Weg
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