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  1. New safety initiative launches this Saturday! http://www.procycling.co.za/index.php/features/helivac/79-safe-cycling-initiative-launched-by-helivac
  2. EISH!! Just hope the bad guys don't have real guns!!!
  3. We are not babies or children and don't need to be baby sat by cops!! (OK, you can flame me) What we need is attitude adjustment. I see prominent cyclists clearly breaking the rules of the road in their cars and are the first people to complain when something happens. The other day I traveled to the Cradle to clean the signs and the speed limit from Camoro to William Nichol is 80km due to road works and it is amazing at the people that fly past in excess of 120 km's/hour. I stick to 80 and only a handful will see me and also slow down. If we all start by doing the right thing which is obey ALL road rules whether we are on our bike or in our cars, then others will feel guilty and also start obeying. I know there is a lack of visible policing but we are not kids!! We cannot change the world unless we change ourselves!
  4. Sad to hear and hope the rider makes a full recovery. I suggest the club/group form a roster and start a patrol / following vehicle and purchase an amber warning light and ensure that there are at least two people in the vehicle at all times. This will create safety for the group by protecting them from speeding & inconsiderate motorists and from random attacks. It may be worthwhile getting hold of police reservists and each member of the group can donate R10 a ride to cover the cost of fuel & pay something toward the reservist. Good Luck!shaunh2010-05-10 03:22:21
  5. We apply to the local agencies and provincial agencies
  6. Gail from Mobility Magazine is lobbying!
  7. I hope you have done your homework as crime is just as bad in the Cape.
  8. spoke to management at the Reserve and request forwarded to Head Office for approval.
  9. I agree 100% slave and as I have said many times, 'we can't change the World unless we change ourselves!! Having said that, I will also try and fail than to talk and do nothing!
  10. Sign-Up Cyclists Safety Initiative FNB The Glen Br Code 259605 Acc #62259762203 Fax (011432-3882) or mail me pop shaun@sign-up.co.za Thanks for your support.
  11. That is a Cyclists present warning sign
  12. Hi Mallo, even 1 sign or a donation of R100 will be Ok.
  13. OK, spoke to the sign supplier. The correct size is a 900mm W309 sign on a 3.2 metre pole at a cost of R405.00 excl. and the One-way sign is a 400mm x 600mm on a 3.2m pole and that costs R355.00 excl. Oom, or anybody that has 'friends' in the sign manufacturing industry, please see if you can obtain a competitive price.shaunh2010-05-04 03:23:43
  14. You are right OOm, can't help but thinking BIG!! I will get a cost on the smaller signs today. I think the 900mm size is the correct size.
  15. You should ask Lolly this question?
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