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  1. It was just this one time. still believe its a spiked bottle a spectator handed me None of my athletes ever got caught using it.... its a painkiller for back ache
  2. nope they not - but they dont earn their living from cycling. They just supplement their income from it yes but they race in vets cat's which is perceived to be amateur categories
  3. oh boy - what a read for a monday morning (except its Tuesday) not going to comment on the issue at hand as its been debated forever fact is - as cyclists we are always quick to judge when a cyclists gets hit or heaven forbid mamed or killed but look at how we behave when someone points out bad behaviour point I wanted to make before i got pulled into this discussion........... was, go do a search for the 2012 Hub stats posted a few days ago. If that doesn't tell you how serious this has become. Fact is lotsa people laugh and ridicule it, but they cant wait to log in and read and have something to talk about with their mates on teh next ride. Its similar to many on here denying to ever watch that cycling show on tuesday evenings on SS. Yet they always up to date with whatever was flighted
  4. shouldn't be a problem Toyota ladies were on Cervelo's this year locally, and while racing for Lotto on Pina's
  5. so we will see if its about the bike or not
  6. mail me on pjnot@mweb.co.za will put you in touch with best club in our neck of the woods
  7. Perhaps he realizes at 28 that its in his best interest to rather look after his business interests and develop and build that and still ride his bike. MTN not racing in SA next year also perhaps played a role. Mayeb he wants to settle down and get married? Playing second fiddle against RJVR perhaps another reason? Can see him winning a race or two locally next year. With MTN not allowed to race here, it will be Bonitas and Tasol, NuWater and the Brown duo and perhaps BMC. But of Rabie , Beneke and Lill end up in rival teams, domestically it could be a good season with unpredictable wins rather than a 2 horse race every time they line up. Also opens the door for the ASG youngsters.
  8. Bonitas - for those who may have missed it Kachellhoffer Fouche H Hendriks C - from Tasol GT Kaka L Kruger HB Seyffert P - from Westvaal BMC Smit W - from u/23 Toyota Van Heerden C Still missing Calvin Beneke? Anyone know where he will be riding? Johan Rabie, also not confirmed.
  9. U have the Bonitas line up? Perhaps Lill riding for Chris W team?
  10. If you come down to Xumbugs on a weekend 7 :00 its on cnr of Klipriver and Swartkoppies rds. there are all shapes and sizes - even tandems welcome to the best riding valley in Gauteng
  11. Perhaps old news by now but apparently Kevin Evans and Brandon Stewardt will be joining forces next year
  12. Team MTN-Qhubeka 2013 roster: - Gerald Ciolek (GER) - Ignatus Konovalovas (LTU) - Sergio Pardilla (SPA) - Jay Thomson (RSA) - Louis Meintjes (RSA) - Johann van Zyl (RSA) - Andreas Stauff (GER) - Martin Reimer (GER) - Youcef Reguigui (ALG) - Kristian Sbaragli (ITA) - Frekalsi Debesay (ERI) - Tsgabu Grmay (ETH) - Adrien Niyonshuti (RWA) - Meron Russom (ERI) - Jani Tewelde (ERI) - Songezo Jim (RSA) - Bradley Potgieter (RSA) - Dennis van Niekerk (RSA) - Jacques Janse van Rensburg (RSA) - Jaco Venter (RSA) - Martin Wesemann (RSA)
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