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  1. Its largely the same - maybe some tweaks.
  2. The mtb course is so intense, if anything like it was at the test event. Short punchy ups and downs. lots of technical bits. Opens up now and again for space to overtake. We will see lots of drama.
  3. Off-road to Tokyo — the Olympic mountain bike course
  4. Results / Outcomes / Deliverables don't matter here, Sweat-heart "empowering' tenders & contracts do.
  5. Could get lucky .... he was riding fiercely at Les Gets.
  6. Going to be interesting to see what happens with Team Slovenia, with Rodg and Podg, guess the latter will be the chosen rider but Rodg must have ambitions surely. Will we see what happens on the road? Will the whipper snapper wilt?
  7. Excited to see the Hungarian Kata Blanka Vas riding on Tuesday. really been featuring in CX, done quote well the last few U23 UCI XCO's Velo News article
  8. Yup kinda the same but not quite, my experience anyway.
  9. Further reading: Tokyo Olympics: Experts warn Games chiefs about extreme heat https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/57904094
  10. LIke who can pace themselves better, the whipper-snappers are likely to burn their matches boxes one time.
  11. The spanner in the works is really the weather, its hard to describe that type of heat / humidity, nothing like we see in ZA. I've experienced the same quiet a lot in the Philippines, once I made the mistake of taking a bike there on a trip, the only times I could ride was early in the mornings or early evenings, the rest of the day spent sheltering in an air con room. So if the same conditions exits for the racing its going to be a matter of who can cope best, I think it will probably be outside most athletes comfort zones, perhaps the older and wiser will do better, like Mathias and Pendrel
  12. Yes seems inconceivable but.... the Covid poop is hitting the fan there.
  13. Although some doubt in the air Olympics: Tokyo chief refuses to rule out last-minute cancellation https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/olympics-tokyo-chief-refuses-to-rule-out-last-minute-cancellation/
  14. MTB: I don't think Nino is up to it, its the new kids on the block,. MvdP, Tomo P et al and Flückiger is in great shape, .... I sincerely hope Alan can medal, but he will have to get lucky. Ladies: hard to see past Loana: what incredible results this year, but who knows, other factors could come into play. And I'm going to for PfP and Sparkle Watts on the podium.
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