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  1. Well the Iowa World Cup races were great - some great racing in both the mens and ladies, several lead changes and emphatic victories. Kata B Vas first podium! Won't be the last. Hot and dusty. Mount Krumpet took its toll. USA fun and games now over and the schlep back to Europe for a double weekender coming up: Superprestige @ Ruddervoorde and another WC at Zonhouven aka Sand Heaven on Sunday.
  2. Eish no takers???? If you enjoy mtb as a fan, then you going to love 'cross. its actually better because there are so many races. The races are a bit shorter (50 mins ladies 60 mins men) but generally athletes are maxing out all the way... no respite on most of the parcourses, and they vary in features, grades, terrain, Quiet a few athletes 'cross' over between mtb and cx, Yo!anda has been giving it horns theasw last couple of USA races, came in 4th this weekend. On the mens more famously we have Wout, Mat vdp, and Olympic MTB champ Tom "I was born to ride mtb" Piddles
  3. Any International 'cross fans still here? Racing is getting spicy, first two World Cups (in the USA) are done. One Superprestige and a few other warm ups. Some excellent racing, especially with the Ladies. Brand is on fire. Vos giving her a hard time though. Denise getting close to the top step. U23 is also hotly contested, Fayetteville last night was superb. Just about every weekend now until March. Commentary on GCN / Eurosport with Marty and Jeremy is excellent, Ian Field was on last night with Marty, very good but there was some other male Brit hack lead for the earlier races that I am not a fan of, Marty was still busy with road events. Otherwise can find Flemish / Dutch / French fta channels on line and use free VPN if necessary, Cycling Podcast has links as has Cyclingfans. Apparently World Cups on SS as well. No excuses!
  4. Thing is that womens road cycling does not have the screen viewership that the mens have, that's what it reduces to. Just a fact. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? There has been increasing live coverage of womens WT, but its pale in comparison to the mens, in some cases even rolled back. With increased TV coverage comes the big sponsors. Womens CX is different, only in the last 10-15 years did it start getting live coverage, and viewership even exceeded that of the mens at one stage (when MdvP was dominating every race). Now most big teams have equal focus on both genders, Its progressing for womens road, but I don't think it will draw level, either in terms of events or coverage, As much as I enjoy watching, its different. Tricky subject.
  5. Who knows the process or or players... although it seems CSA are not the most together organisation right now to put it mildly. Remember that CSA fiasco that was the Tour of SA a few years ago? And nowadays more focused on 'national objectives' than doing anything meaningful for the top SA cyclists. If they did win a bid like this I would wince in dispair, as I did when SA got the FIFA World Cup. Only when the right people for the job get the job can we move forward. Rwanda is interesting, been called the Singapore of Africa. They do seem to have a functioning civil society. Corruption low for the continent,
  6. Public here are apathetic in terms of cycling, yes there will be a few faithfuls but that will be it. Rugby and soccer are of course another story. Also big financial & state support needed, Even still Norway lost a lot of money. Try catch up on a few of the road races there in Rwanda: roads are mostly impeccable and the people go proper nuts over a road race, plus it will most likely be supported by the state to showcase the country, largely they got there $h!t together there although there is a strong arm style of leadership, which can be seen as a good & bad thing,
  7. Blanka Vas takes 4th .. first time on cobbles and road newbie. And no team mates. Also took 4th at Tokyo mtb Stunning,
  8. Pity Lucinda B will be in the USA for the CX World Cups - she is tough & strong & cany
  9. said Tinker was a Cannondale rider most of his career I still ride a Fatty as my pavement warrior
  10. Cheers, must have missed what Baaaart was saying, but it make sense being a French team for Viktor But its Trinity Racing (not Infinity, that's Nascar lol) is the team of Chris, initially was built around Piddles, and all about up & coming youth, they have done great things so pity if it is folding as you say. it was founded and owned Andrew McQuaid (ex UCI presidente Pat's son). I can't seem to find any reference to them folding, which would be a big shame really. But they do seem to be a on a tight budget after Tom's departure https://maap.cc/stories/the-changing-face-of-trinity-racing
  11. Yea man, its over before it even began it seems. Well at least there is cross now., but XCO is my true love. I don't think Nino would have survived Chris' attack at the end, the other guys? we will never know. The stars aligned for Chris for sure.
  12. Signed for a road team B&B Hotels apparently, guess that means the end of his role in Trinity, which is a great team it should be said. Piddlecock's old stomping ground as well. He rode a clever race yesterday, you could see him in touch with the leaders all the time, looked so strong and attacked at the best possible time ftw, no show boating. Other guys should have taken note.
  13. You mean Rob Walnut? He must be one happy camper that Imperial units are bring reintroduced into the UK
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