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  1. AGS prepare their own Invoice for shipping to SA. I have never had an issue with with ZA clearing etc but Aramex not that quick in clearing here (say compared to Fedex)
  2. Hong Kongers don't think so! If you ever go there, and meet some locals, its a bit like football in the UK, within a sentence or two they will start bitchin about main landers. Most suppliers will have the HK option, but not all. Yeah Little China could be a problem.... the memories of Chiang Kai-shek are still fresh.
  3. For some reason AlliX suppliers don't ship to a PRC address, so HK is the next best thing. Only problem I have had is when the AGS Suite number is not that clear on the parcel, but you can get them to search their rx parcels after giving them the details. The once it happened to me, they did find my parcel, this was after a few weeks waiting. AGS will want a supplier Invoice before shipping out, I send them a pdf output of the order from the website. Just one thing, FORGET about shipping anything with a Lithium battery, like a phone. Major documentation requirements,
  4. Some suppliers don't ship to Hong Kong, most will send to Singapore but you have to check shipping charges and options from the supplier
  5. I buy a lot from AliX in PRC, no problems, but I don't use their shipping to SA. I use Aramex Global Shopper, generally use the Hong Kong address, otherwise Singapore. Often shipping there is low cost and reliable. Then once in the Aramex system when its arrives there you upload an Invoice, pay the shipping, then the customs and VAT and it generally goes well. Not the cheapest way of doing it but it happens, not had any lost shipments. But my orders are generally US $100 or more to make it worth while. SAPO Parcel Post is just not an option anymore.
  6. Women's Elite race was full on and excellent, Lotto is something else. Nothing fluke about her win!
  7. 3h UCI Cross Country riders representatives statement following Communiqué n°18 (Elite Start Order) It's great to have big names from different disciplines in our sport and we can't wait to race against them. But we are really not happy how the UCI is treating our discipline by changing rules regarding start position one day before the race. The point at this time is not whether or not the rule being applied is fair, unfair or suitable - this is a topic for another day. The concern is the way and timing that UCI has applied and enforced this rule. And the consequences that follow for individual riders and teams with Olympic games quota positions likely to be impacted. At this moment it's not only about contesting the World Championships, but the Olympic start positions that are being fought for along side. It is evident that UCI has contradicted itself in the application of the rule. Hours out from the start of the World Championships is not time to selectively look for rules and we express our deep disappointment and frustration with this situation caused by the UCI. UCI riders representatives Rebecca McCONNELL Maxime MAROTTE Nino SCHURTER, Jolanda NEFF, Jordan SARROU, Loana LECOMTE, Lars FORSTER, Haley BATTEN, Alan HATHERLY, Sina FREI, Henrique AVANCINI, Alessandra KELLER, Mathias FLÜCKIGER, Linda INDERGAND, Titouan CAROD, Anne TERPSTRA, Ondrej CINK, Emeline DETILLEUX, Martin VIDAURRE KOSSMANN, Léna GERAULT, Thomas GRIOT, Janika LÕIV, Bartlomiej WAWAK, Anton COOPER, Thomas LITSCHER, Jens SCHUERMANS, Pierre DE FROIDMONT, Sebastian FINI CARSTENSEN, Luca SCHWARZBAUER, Joshua DUBAU, Victor KORETZKY…
  8. Going to let the road decide? Piddles will be going for at least a stage I'm hoping Bernal will step up as well
  9. Katerina .. .what can one say except legend of note! CX, MTB, Winter Sports. She grew up when the commies still ruled the roost in former Czechoslovakia. She has said it was awesome as a young athlete, lots of resources were made available, Went to study in the US, don't think she has left yet but still represents Czech Republic from time to time. Is she still serving on the UCI as riders rep? Unfortunately she recently had a positive drug test but managed to prove it came from something she got for her dogs .... so has been cleared. But she was quite vociferous a while back about being one being responsible about what gets into your body, around the time of the Denise B saga. ja....
  10. Ja HA's ship might have sailed. There is also girl wonder on the team, but she better get her XCC tactics sorted if she is to get a decent start position in the XCO
  11. We rarely see someone go off from the front and make it stick in XCC! Well done Alan & Team Cannondale
  12. I found a cap of the U23 Ladies to watch, who tf was the GCN commentator?? Some Irish guy, wow was/is that bad. I complain about Rob but eish this was bad, terrible! The dood was just yakking on generally about mtb'ing all the time while race was happening, he knew nothing about the athletes let alone their names. Kept of talking about the downhill racing. It was this guy and some other joker for the Elite events on the GCN feed, sincerely hope these guys are not contenders for the World Cup broadcasts next year once RBTV is out of the scene.
  13. Where was Jenny? Sam claims he is "not the man he was before" whatever that means... but yea, was not nice, like an elephant bull in musth
  14. Not like him to make those mistakes, surely down to fatigue , happens to me every day around 5pm
  15. Piddles was saying he had the stomach bug that was doing the rounds during the week, and that's probably why he couldn't sustain his effort up front after the catch up, did well to hand onto 4th.
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