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  1. Oh sorry! my bad, didn't see that! That's bad luck. Did he catch up to the second group after that then? Any ideas why he was in Sanofi Aventis kit?
  2. nope lill just dropped...He must not be quite into topshape, I think.
  3. can you maybe post them here when they're done??
  4. what are the dates that they are going to conduct the study?
  5. same as last year. except we keep going straight up church street and do not turn off onto union buildings.
  6. yeah ironically the only race in SA,besides jock that is not specially suited for a sprinter has been changed to suit a sprinter...Farce if you ask me. Been training for this the better half of the year only to have them tell you "sorry the route has been changed, better luck next time", 3days before hand. Will think twice next year.
  7. WTF!! this is sooo dissapointing..I want my money back!!
  8. Firstly creatine actually does help with recovery after high intense short term exercise (4-10s) such as sprinting or powerlifting etc..As it replenish the phospocreatine stores of the body. It however does little during and after endurance exercise, although some studies have shown that creatine lead to slight positive increases in endurance. Creatine might actually be determental to cycling performance as it could dehydrate you as your muscles are absorbing more water and also make them heavier without increasing power, which is obviously extremely determental. Secondly you say I consume 1 to 1.5g per kg protein in the hour after you finished exercising. This is way to much for cycling. You should consume 1 to 1.2g per kg of protein per day. Also you say you train 16h a week(which is only moderate) that you need supplements to recover. This is absoslute nonsense. Consuming a balanced diet that deliver sufficent energy should provide you with all you need from vitamins to mineral to carbs and proteins. Thirdly, even though some supplement companies market their products superior to other companies's products, because they contain this new "scientifically proven" substance that enhances performance such as Carnitine, Glutamine, BCAA's etc. these supplements doesn't provide any benefit to other "cheaper" supplements. Because these "gimicks" are only based on wishful theory which in reality produces budcus. I believe however it is ensential to consume a carbohydrate dring during and after exercise to prevent glyogen depletion, hypoglycemia and to ensure that your glygogen stores are topped up for the next day. You should consume a carbohydrate drink, with a high percentage of dissacchirides and polysacchirides, and that provides about 7% of carbs, after it has been mixed. And also a drink that provides a 4:1 carb:protein ratio for afterwards and longer rides if you feel its neccesary.
  9. well then al least you have an rhytmic noise to sooth your bored brain
  10. Porky just because the GC contenders didn't attack on yesterday's stage doesn't mean is boring. Cycling is not bang bang bang attack all the way up every climb in every stage, but I don't excpect you to understand that...Did you really expect any moves from them up the tourmalet with 70k to go after the climb?
  11. Watch Cervelo and Rabobank tommorrow.. I think the stage might be just too hilly for cav..And these 2 teams might decide to spice it up for Hushovd and Freire.
  12. guys what are you smoking..this is probably the most exciting tdf in years...the pyreness is just a taste of what is to come...with most of the main favourites within in 2minutes of each other...every stage so far had a great story and I would think tv ratings have shot up again. Yesterday everybody excpected that the break is going to make it, than everybody thought it would be caught and then it just survived. And to add a little spice andy schleck gets a puncture 5km to go, and mr Voigt pulls him back with a superpull.
  13. What is the latest news? quite excited!!
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