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  1. I mean, have you seen Woodmead drive on a Saturday? As it is William Nicol is a nightmare on weekends, now we want to proper screw ourselves and gridlock Fourways by choking up Witkoppen too... In fact, Fourways can't cope as it is... Adding Makro into the mix will surely make it an undesirable place to live. That's what I like about Magaliessig, it's quietly tucked away, the hidden gem of Fourways. This development wil surely have an impact on my property value and I feel strongly that the "hangers on" around the Makro will not result in that impact being for the better...
  2. I feel the infrastructure around the suburb and the Fourways area will need a massive cash injection to deal with the traffic, motorised and human, that a Makro will attract. It is this attraction that brings negative elements and this is what I am strongly opposed to. Magaliessig is not an industrial or commercial zone. Now we're taking a massive commercial outlet and dropping it on the doorstep of this suburb. The area they plan to use borders a natural wetland and bird sanctuary. While I'm not a huge environmentalist I must concede that the plan is ill conceived. There is also a retirment village right next to the proposed site. I doubt those pensioners would have bought in the village if they knew they were going to have a bustling bazaar on their doorstep. They also will be doing away with a pretty darn nice nursery to make way for the Makro. What a waste... Pantani2010-02-19 04:57:05
  3. I live in Magaliessig and I'm not thrilled about the idea of having a Makro on my doorstep. Yes, I might not have to drive as far but then again, driving to a Makro was never and issue for me. The road through Magaliessig is pretty much buggered after all the trucks that went along there when the office blocks at the Design Quarter were built. The road took another hammering while the driving range was being built too. The Makro will surely increase traffic in the suburb and make the road even worse. I was at builders warehouse an hour or so ago and couldn't help but notice the throng of unemployed people gathered outside. So while I appreciate the Makro might create jobs, this will come at a price. I don't want to drive out of my hood and have to fight my way through taxi ranks, hawkers, 20 million dudes walking through traffic selling Fake Bans and Fakleys, hundreds of unemployed guys hovering around the exit fo the Makro as if it's an oasis of employment... Take that Makro somewhere else.. Pantani2010-02-19 04:23:31
  4. Well, CSA Cyclelab/Toyota Academy or whatever they are don't even get a salary... So at least now you know the bottom figure... Does that make them Pros or just guys riding bikes? OK, nevermind, they "development riders"...
  5. Hahahaha, I know, I saw you pointing out the holes as we went but that section just had too many, it was hard enough watching for yourself, nevermind the army behind you...
  6. Yes, those were not holes, more like meteor damage... I went through two on the motorbike and somehow managed to keep it up and watched in horror as the elite bunch spread out all over the road trying to avoid them. Miraculously nobody went down. There was so little road to ride on in that section, more hole than pot and more pot than road... Pantani2010-02-07 10:37:49
  7. Pantani' date=' I collected your tyres this afternoon. These tyres are brand new!! do you even ride your bike??? your replacements will be delivered tomorrow - Shamus [/quote'] Big up and thanks to "Shamus that rhymes with famous"! I collected my replacement Ultremo R's on Friday afternoon. Great service all round. Oh, thanks to my LBS Cyclelab as well... I ride on occasion...
  8. the Local agent infomed all the dealers of the possible issue. some have returned faulty tyres and were immediately given replacements Well, good on you for informing the dealers.. Some more information locally would have been nice because when I went to your site I found nothing about the issue which made me think that I might have a fight with my LBS... I am glad that I now know I can take them in and have them replaced... Great Service..
  9. I bought a set of Ultremo R tyres in June/July. Bought them purely for their looks, I'm not a serious cyclist anymore. Anyway, in December I went on a ride from Johannesburg to Durban and on my first day on the bike both the front and rear tyres failed. When I say failed the tyres seemed to be coming apart at the seams.. Luckily for me I was travelling with a set of brand new backup tyres, cos that's how I roll... I told myself that when I get back to Johannesburg I will investigate the issue of the tyres that mysteriously started coming apart. So, yesterday I was digging in the spares cupboard and I found the faulty tyres so first thing I do is google "Schwalbe Ultremo R problem". Do it and see the first two results that come back. So I intend taking my tyres back to the shop where I bought them because at over R700 a tyre they were not cheap! If you have a set of these please read the notice, you could seriously injure yourself if they come apart on a descent. Interesting thing is that the local agent for Schwalbe has no such warning on their website... Schwalbe defect notice
  10. Ja, that MWNN is a speed merchant... Oh and I'm a poser not a fighter....
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