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  1. Hi all, Barry Shaw is a passionate cyclist who has been extensively involved in the cycling community for years. Presently Chairman of Cresta Wheelers cycle club, he has been involved with the club for a significantly long time. His contribution to the Audax (long distance) community is invaluable, and without his input would not operate efficiently. He embodies true selflessness in that he puts others first, above his own needs with his generous nature. He gives of his time without expecting anything back. This special man was admitted to the emergency room due to severe pain from blood clot, intestinal paralysis and ulcerated colon trauma. He is the strongest 64 year old you will find on a bicycle. I am posting this to help raise cash to cover the medical bills so he can focus on his recovery. Please visit our campaign page here;https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/barry-shaw Thank you so much for your support, any help really goes along way and is appreciated a lot. Regards, Kellen
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