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  1. Hello Everyone Please Help FOXY. Reference 12515. email payment notification catzspace@aol.com I keep to myself, continue caring for Cats since January 2021. Presently I have 24x young cats all around 1 year/ 1 half years old and 28x adult cats staying in the house here on the Farm outside Ladismith. It was my own choice to start accepting to take any Cats and offer the cat a home. Today I come to you with my pride in my pocket. I had to take FOXY to the Vet, a young female cat who has broken her hind leg and desperately needs an Operation for the leg to be reset. But because my Vet's account is currently at R4887 outstanding. The Vet is now asking for me to pay either 50% of my account or R2500 upfront. Before the Vet will proceed with this much needed Operation. Oakhurst Animal Clinic, Swellendam has always been very helpful and accommodating. I can't find the people willing to join me to form a committee to register as an Animal Shelter. Being unable to register, It's difficult to get the Cats advertised for Addoption. I am Struggling man alone. Please find the love in your heart and consider making a contribution towards my Vet's Bill. If you can Help me with my Vet's account I will be extremely grateful. I love cats. https://www.youtube.com/@CatszMan David Kleynhans I don't have Cellphone Reception Or WiFi here at the Farm 071 085 9006
  2. I know this sounds silly but I am looking at a helmet that starts at 54cm that’s within my budget but my head is 53cm. Will I be able to get by once I’m strapped in or is this a bad idea and I should look for a junior helmet instead? New to MTB, please be kind
  3. Good day all, I have a Chris King ISO rear hub, but it seems like the freehub’s splines have been damaged by the previous owner (the last cog does not seat and just continuously spins). So please, if anyone has a freehub body or know where I can get one, just let me know. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, I have a problem. i have started to ride more and more aggressively (came from XC) and now I bought myself a new bike, a 2018 Merida team big nine hardtail, it is an amazing bike and the frame weighs just 900g but I NEED a dropper post, I bought one now assuming it would work but apparently this model cannot use a dropper post, so now I sit with a dilemma I have a amazing bike but the frame isn’t working for me. I was wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has a Hardtail 29 frame medium or large that is INTERNAL DROPPER POST READY (30.9 or bigger) who is willing to trade for my frame, even something less high of a spec. It’s a medium 29 inch frame! Let me know! Ps if anyone has a way of making it work on my frame it would be Appreciated.
  5. Hi all, can anyone with the same or similar bike confirm if there are bushes in between the rocker and frame? Think the previous owner might have lost them. Doesn't make sense that there wouldn't be any bushes in there, swingarm moves without them and scared of tightening the bolt without bushes in case something snaps. Can someone confirm? See pictures to see what I mean.
  6. Help Needed!!! I am relatively new to mtb and ride and enduro 27.5 650b. I am running a shimano xt 2x10 group set with a Thirteen hub. I want to upgrade to better suite my riding. I have a budget of +-10000 rand but I am not sure what drivetrain/grouplet to go for and am looking for recommendations. I really enjoy the DH stuff but do like the distance so looking for something that does both well. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, I'm not a pro biker of any sort, I'm simply wanting a solid enough bike for riding cross country / mountain and road trips, that is not super costly. Good brakes and shocks would be awesome. I dont know much about bikes so would greatly appreciate your advice I do know that I need an XL as I'm 6ft2 and dont want to be slouched over when cycling (I have posture issues Im working on as is due to sitting all day). Bridge Cycles has a Scott Aspect 940 or 950 2020 for 11k, a bit high but I had a Scott Aspect before I moved to UK for a year. These look interesting to me. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/439623/scott-genius-30-xl-carbon https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/439446/titan-29er-xl Thanks so much
  8. I got a new bike and its got those terrible stock pedals, I cant seem to find a good pair of flats that aren’t that expensive. Or even a trusted website to order flats off. None of my local stores stock anything.
  9. Hello people of the hub So for those of you who don't know me contrary to my Hub name, my real name is Stuart Marais. I am one of the few pro riders left in South Africa and am basically at the end of my rope. I've had a fairly decent season having won over a third of the races I've done this year and podiuming at around 2/3rds of them in total with one of my better results being a 2nd overall finish at Sani this year with Matt Beers. So I don't totally suck at riding a bicycle. My reason for this post is, I need your help. My financial sponsors, the few that I could find, have not been able to carry on with me due to the economic climate we find ourselves in. It hasn't made life easy at all and I have literally, I am not over exaggerating on this, had to win every race I entered in the last 3 motnhs in order to just pay rent. I have approached all the teams in SA ( there are not that many) but they are either remaining the same or downgrading and I've cleaned out every savings account I had after been retrenched from my Engineering job 4 years ago and I am basically done, unless..... This is where I need your help, if there is anyone out there who could assist me or who would be keen to come on board and create a partnership going forward I would greatly appreciate it and would love to discuss the opportunity going forward, so please drop me a DM and i will gladly get in touch with you. Thanks for your time everyone and sorry for the begging for sponsors post but I hope you all will understand why.
  10. I just wanted to say thanks very much to Frank from bike addict who went out of his way to help me at Hoogies on Sunday. Saved me a long walk, saved my tyre, new valve 4 bombs, I slashed my tyre - sealant was low, broke my valve bombing the tyre. Frank and his mates whom i had never met before stopped and assisted as i started my walk out. Frank replaced my valve, bombed the tyre onto the rim, bounced the sealant into place, used all his mates bombs to get the tyre hard, gave us valve locker gadgets and spent 20 minutes riding time getting me sorted. Then still let us overtake them on the way out ..... Wouldnt accept a thing, Thanks a stack nice to know there are some good folk on the trails, especially good folk who can fix a relatively big mess ... Cheers Anton
  11. Good day, When I first started road cycling a while back I got a second hand bike from a mate's dad. Now that I am all consumed and obsessed (as I usually get) I want to know every single thing I can about my bike in order to also improve on it's foundations. I have quite a lot of information about every part except the frame (Or some of the frame) and the handlebar. If anyone can help or even better provide documents with details that I can use. Also just to point out I am building an excel sheet for the details to help me in my build restomod process. Attached is the bike, a Raleigh 7000 (RC?) from between 2006-2007 I think. Thank you!
  12. Can't seem to find a 31.6 to 34.9mm shim for a dropper post for my a dropper post. Can't find one for less than R500 with shipping. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi all, Barry Shaw is a passionate cyclist who has been extensively involved in the cycling community for years. Presently Chairman of Cresta Wheelers cycle club, he has been involved with the club for a significantly long time. His contribution to the Audax (long distance) community is invaluable, and without his input would not operate efficiently. He embodies true selflessness in that he puts others first, above his own needs with his generous nature. He gives of his time without expecting anything back. This special man was admitted to the emergency room due to severe pain from blood clot, intestinal paralysis and ulcerated colon trauma. He is the strongest 64 year old you will find on a bicycle. I am posting this to help raise cash to cover the medical bills so he can focus on his recovery. Please visit our campaign page here;https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/barry-shaw Thank you so much for your support, any help really goes along way and is appreciated a lot. Regards, Kellen
  14. Hey Guys, I have some stuff I want to get rid of, to further embrace minimalism. Stuff: Bar Ends, SPD Pedals (Need service), Helmet. I could post an ad for these things but it's a lot of admin to share contact details with someone and all that, so what I'm after is a LBS in Pretoria, or some sort of project where you can donate unwanted and unused bike gear. There must be some sort of place that helps get people pedalling? Any recommendations?
  15. Feel my chain is very saggy when on 36x11 I know even if i ride its not suppose to be there but its seems like my chain is too long... Its a new chain aswell. If you could please whatsapp me that i can send pics i cant seem to post pics on the forum for some reason. 0763303831 Thanks in advance
  16. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. Nothing I do seems to work with my heart rate monitor. I have tried wetting it. I have tried using salt water. I have tried ECG gel that I bought specially. I have tried loosening it I have tried tightening it. I have tried different straps. I have tried different sensors. Sigma R1, Wahoo Tickr, Polar Wearlink and Wearlink+ and T31. Eventually I resorted to buying a new Wahoo Tickr sensor. But STILL I get flat spots and erratic readings! What else can I do! The issue seems to be especially prevalent in windy weather.
  17. All of the top 5 stories are admirable in their own right! What sets us apart or why vote for us..... We cycled the farthest distance. We endured for the longest period of time with no sponsors or on the ground support. We encountered countless set backs (physically, mentally and mechanically) however we chose to leave that out of our story as there are many people out there suffering or dealing with more than us. It is the sheer magnitude of our adventure that we CONQUERED AS ONE, through a love of cycling and making a difference. We are strong and healthy cyclists. We hope to use our entry, should we win it, to raise funds once again for our charity, HOKISA. Please vote here for my brother Cecil Bosman .... http://www.bicycling.co.za/sponsored/vote-favourite-absa-conquerasone-finalist/
  18. My wife and I stand a chance fulfill our dream by winning a 2019 Cape Epic entry and we need your votes to make it happen! Voting closes in a few days. Please click this link below and click on my name (Warrick Kernes). It'll only take you 10 seconds. http://www.bicycling.co.za/sponsored/vote-favourite-absa-conquerasone-finalist/ Do it THX!
  19. Hi Guys, New to the triathlon scene. I need to buy a bike and looking at triathlon specific. I have been looking around and come across Scott (out of price range), Cannondale (didn't appeal to me), Specialized Shiv (looks ok but no stock), Fuji (waiting on quote) and the Argon 18 E117. Out of the lot I prefer the Argon. This it seems will set me back about R46k for a standard set up, 105 components. I came across the Canyon thread and browsed around on their site. Falling in my budget I can get the Speedmax CF 8.0 with a landed cost of approximately R50k. On the whole better components and wheels than the Argon. This will just mean abit longer wait before my race or I just continue on the MTB for now. I know nothing about bikes and obviously am therefore worried about sizing if I go for the Canyon. What would you guys and girls suggest in this price range between the two? Or if i have overlooked any other brand? I don't mind 2nd hand either if i can get a decent bike for a good price. However if the difference is 15 - 20 k and it means the newer one will last me longer, I'm happy ( or rather prepared) to spend on new. Being new to the tri scene all the options and so on have been somewhat of a minefield and will appreciate any advise. Thanks.
  20. Hey Hubbers So I have managed to wind up in Greyton sans mtb and with my road bike. Hoping for some advice on where I can go as want to avoid gravel grinding as much as possible. Ive plotted out out a route that spends some time on the N2 as it looks like theres a nice climb near botrivier that id like to hit. (is this a bad idea...?) Here is the route so please go wild, rip it up and suggest alternatives - Im all ears! https://www.strava.com/routes/11122265 TIA Luke
  21. Hi Guys, I am new to the cycling community. Me and a friend decided to take up cycling as hobby for socialising while getting fit. We didn't much want to be stuck in a gym exercising and decided we could explore our city in the sun and having fun. After doing some research and visiting various cycling stores, I narrowed my list down to two options, both of which stretched the budget for a simple socialising thing. I came to the forum because I couldn't decide which bike was better. The Scott Contessa 620 (26" 2015 model) or the Silverback Splash 3 (27.5" 2016 model). I initially only thought a 26" or below (kiddies) bikes would fit me seeing as I am only 1.50m in height(shorty - I know) . However I fitted an extra small frame and found I could actually fit on a 27.5" bike. The thing is now I am not sure which to chose? Most people are saying that the Scott is better brand... The stores i want to buy them from are biased to their own product (some are more gentlemanly than others). But i was hoping someone here could explain it better? I tried doing some research but jargon used explaining about the different shimano shiffters and what not, or how they work, is way over my head. Basically I started out by just wanting to get me a normal Marko bike, but after reading various comments and taking advice, I decided to stretch the budget more in order to get me a better bike. So hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time Best regards
  22. Hi all, Please can you help me. I have replaced almost everything that can make a cracking noise like this but still it won't go away. Does someone maybe know the possible reasons for this sound in my video above. I replaced the following already - Sprocket Rear Derailer Chain BB You would really make my year if you can give me the solution because I don't know anymore. Kind regards Jaco
  23. Hey everyone I entered the Trans Drak MTB race this coming weekend. Last year I did the Trans Baviaans and would like to know how the Drak compares? Also any advice, since this one I am attempting solo. Lastly does anyone know the condition of the trails and roads there after the rain? Thanx for the help
  24. Hi there, I am looking to buy a second hand bike that can do the Argus and some casual trails? Not sure if this is the right place? I haven't been on a bike for more than 10 years and I want to get back into it now. Would you recommend getting something second hand or is it better to buy brand new? Budget = <10k Thanks!
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