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  1. Ha ha BlueMax, when ever you comment something on the Hub, its either, pinnarello, sidi, san marco or rudy. And now you boosting bikewear, which stock only these items, dont you perhaps work for the importer of these product....??? Just a question!!! Now i properly work for for cwc?? ha ha
  2. Got mine from jnr at cwc, man they great and fit so nicely.
  3. Jnr you guys are classic man! Love the little barcode on the pic!!!
  4. You guys are the best! Ordered my goodies yesterday, and it got delivered this morning!!!! This is great service boys!! You guys are going places!!
  5. I was thinking of taking the wife to go and watch the final stage of the tour! Will it be a waist of money?
  6. Saw these on the net, any idea what they called and cost! Have the rydons, but these look like beauts! Havent seen anyone with them!
  7. Not only are they unbelievable sunnies but they fit perfectly! Got mine last week from cwc, and for a flippen bargain!
  8. Now this is a great deal. 3K for a carbon crank Super2009-05-15 08:39:47
  9. Does anyone know where i can get hold of this groupset! And what do they retail for???
  10. What do the new SLR wheels retails for in SA!
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