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  1. For me personally, I love how clean bars look with no dropper or shift cables but... charging the batteries is putting me off. I just want to hop on my bike and go for a lekker ride, I don't want to have to wait to charge things - and being the forgetful person I occasionally am - I would forget to put the batteries back in the dropper and derailleur haha Also to me the feel of axs is 'dead', I like the defined click and feel of cable shifting. Plus cable shifting is easy to work on, cheap and I won't be bummed when I smash a derailleur off
  2. That's actually a great tip, thanks Hairy! I will certainly use that next time I am commuting when it is cold
  3. Yep, round here in Tokai/Constantia your hands get COLD especially in the Greenbelt. I have ridden there recently and could not feel the hands and feet for a few minutes afterwards haha
  4. Thanks Maj, dealing with you was a pleasure! Very keen to ride it when it is all done; and hopefully I will see you on the trails someday
  5. Thanks Bob, I appreciate the offer and may well take you up on it haha This is an upgrade I wanna do in the near future, I have heard only good things...
  6. Thanks so much Justin! I think the carbon seatstays contrast so well with the aluminium and makes it super eye-catching. Also please can we have pictures of your hardtail, it sounds like a beauty
  7. That is one of the reasons that I love my frame, it has both raw alu and raw carbon which looks so rad
  8. Thanks, super stoked to be part of the PYGA family! They are beautiful bikes and certainly are eye-catchers (especially when the frame is raw!)
  9. Thanks bru but I have luckily figured it out, feel free to scroll up to view the image of the build so far
  10. Thanks Fred! I am also super keen (if not a bit impatient lol) to finish the build and see how it turns out. I was also wondering how progressive the rear suspension is, as I am a very light guy and my rear shock has a few tokens in it, which I think I might need to remove.
  11. Yeah the seat stays are indeed carbon, my favourite part! The insignia is actually custom stickers - the coloir changes depending on where you look at them (metallic purple to metallic blue to metallic green) Also it has hyrax stickers but is actually a slakline now haha
  12. Here is my build in progress (pictures to follow when it is done): The specs: - NX derailleur - NX shifter - NX cranks - GX cassette - RockShox Lyrik Ultimate - Rockshox super deluxe - formula cura brakes - Lyne AMP V2 HE wheels - Spank oozy bars - Spank spike stem - Spank spike 30 grips - X fusion manic dropper - Cane Creek headset Probably forgetten something but here is what I can remember off the top of my head haha
  13. Here you go: (Lyne wheels and formula cura brakes aren't pictured here)
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