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  1. PM me and we'll get you onto the Stanford WhatsApp list if you are not already on. Very large and active so should help. We have a list in Gansbaai as well so will post your details on that as well. Else mail gansbaaimtb@gmail.com. Cheers
  2. Your weakest area will be where the paint went brown, normally the frame re-cracks just next to the weld. If a gusset was added that would mean more heat. Hopefully they baked the swingarm in an oven and followed a good cooling protocol - otherwise you might have trouble quite soon. It is very important to de-stress the weld with heating the whole frame - otherwise the areas next to the weld is going to be weaker than before.
  3. It probably would - the earlier forks are completely interchangeable - including dampers and airsprings - it is only the most basic entry level that had the plastic end to the stanchion. Those lowers should do the the trick. The strain on the arch is such that the magnesium can't be repaired -
  4. Or Dr Mike Solomons at the same clinic - was recommended to me. I had a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament - a real pest as it needs a rigid splint for 6 to 8 weeks. If you have a rupture (complete tear) then surgery asap
  5. Yes thanks, always interesting to see the different variations RS uses on this damper. Also amazed at how serviceable these dampers are. (Blackbox versions)
  6. New map here http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/jcl/new%20maps/klipspringer%202019.jpg
  7. Event Name: The BMX Tea Party When: 30 March 2019 Where: CPUT parking area, Western Cape Category: BMX The BMX Tea Party returns on the 30th of March 1pm. Be sure to pull through and join in on the fun. The Jam will start at CPUTs out door parking lot. We will session there until all have pulled in. Next we will mission to an abandoned tennis court in the Oranjezicht area where there will be a Tea Cup, a couple flat rails and a few other bits and bobs to shred. Save the date and we'll see you there. http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/jcl/News%20pictures/BMX%20TEA.jpg Go to Event Page
  8. Sorry to hear D, hope you heal up quickly and completely. (Even though we are older!) C
  9. Stoke will be your best bet But - if you don't work your shock too much air can work. Feel you shock after a ride and see how hot it gets - if it is near boiling use nitrogen! If you can hear the shim/ports then you probably have cavitation and correct pressure/nitrogen might be needed - stoke I have attached a schraeder valve to the port so to use my shock pump to pump it to 350psi. Key factors - there must be no air in the oil side IFP chamber, remove as much air from the oil before you pour it in. - the floating piston has a specific depth - this is tricky to maintain with the schraeder valve, but not impossible Pros - you have more fun servicing your shock - you can do some adjustments to the shimming, albeit limited Cons - air can servicing becomes a pain - setting that IFP height can be a pain. Mostly the cons outweigh the pros - so STOKE might be needed for some stoke on the ride. But I am a sucker for punishment and like fiddling and knowing how everything works - so will continue with air for now
  10. Point A at Lomond The green loop is jeep track to the bridge and gravel road back. I would either do the red 12km, but leave out the dam single track and pick up the single track where it crosses the road. Or ride across to boesmans and ride around there, could be more fun for the youngster. Or drop a PM, could meet you and show you the way
  11. So the full Klipspringer is mainly jeep track (twee spoor, don't try to cross lanes across the middlemannetjie - it will probably catch you). Treat it like single track and you will be fine. topsy tyrvy (up and flat), sean's surprise (down) and stairway to heaven (up) are single track sections. You join the red route near the end which is single track with some drops and jumps as well as some berms. If you want fun and a work out do the red at Lomond and cross the dam to Boesmansrivier and do all 4 downhills. http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/jcl/new%20maps/boesmans.jpg That should be more than 25 km on mostly really nice single track and a good workout too. The entry to Boesmans is opp a farmhouse (first farmhouse on the left on the 215 road), not sure if it is signposted yet. climb over the gate (there is a sign there) and just follow the single track. Remember the way back. If you come across a closed gate and you open it, please close it again (Sorry, sounds obvious, but not to all =) )
  12. http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/jcl/new%20maps/WBay%20mtb.jpg
  13. No, the commuters no longer commute as far as I am aware. That road is going to be worked on for the next 3 years as well, so not sure what will happen in the future. Die plaat is rideable at spring low. Can actually be a very nice ride to Gansbaai, or the other way round if the SE blows. If the Klein river mouth opens that will not be possible for a while either. The Stanford crowd leave from the Caltex Garage on Sundays at 7 and normally do a 40km or so gravel loop. Get John Finch's details from Stanford Info The Haarkapper could also be an interesting ride - pm Headshot
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