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  1. I have lost count how many accidents the official in the goldish c-class has caused since beginning last year. and yesterday he ruined my race when he was pushing past on the right hand side and I had to swerve out for the guys that had to swerve out for him and I ended up on the gravel on the LEFT hand side of the road
  2. so what your really trying to tell me is that mathematically it doesnt make sense to spend R20k on a pair of racing wheels
  3. LoL, but seriously now btw it's spinergy stealth PBOfr0sT!e2007-11-05 04:42:21
  4. I have read reviews on both wheelsets - both ranking pretty high. Now since both are going for about the same price i'm a bit confused, can anyone help me please?
  5. I know this is a bit late, but I've been going through some of my photo's of the year, and realised I have nothing for wilro 100 or bela-bela. I know there's people just taking random photo's at the finish line, so if you're one of them can you please respond
  6. yo BB, try this specialized fr0sT!e2007-10-17 07:54:28
  7. can anybody please give something on these rims, are they good racing rims, etc. i rode shimano for about 3 years and was kinda forced to shift to campag, so i'm pretty clueless about campag wheels
  8. i rode one before and i will say go for it
  9. GIANT is definately a good choice, but with campag??? unless your one of those campag junkies that don't ride with anything else
  10. i'm sure glad to see i'm not the only crazy s.o.b.
  11. in fact round spokes are actually stronger than bladed spokes as well
  12. maybe you should consider getting a towbar - and look at a trapezium, i fitted a towbar just to be able to use a trapezium (maybe because its my dads) but still, i've looked at many bike carriers and the trapezium looks like the best option - for me
  13. but clip-ons aren't that nice - but will do - i've seen TT bars that you can put your STI's on, its shaped like the bull horns, but where the brakes on the bull horns would be you put your STI's so you won't need to change you cables, but still the bar tape though
  14. i rode an RC3000 for a while, same frame but different groupset, and it was not too bad. so i'll have to go with the majority and say the ralleigh
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