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  1. We all on different journeys. Let it be. 16 years between Carbon HTs and multiple Carbon and Alloy Duals. I am on a gravel bike now and prefer it... I join my local for mtb out rides, hit 150+ plus rides often over brutal corregations and thick sand.... I still smile, I'm just not the fastest through there. You carbon duallys riders (don't even take your bikes to 90% of its abilities anyway) haven't realised your comfort comes from your tyres and tyre pressure not souch the shocks...
  2. Just realised this new Dura Ace di2 groupset weighs more than the current generation 105 Disc groupset... Don't get where this is all headed really. Just know the prices are sky rocketing πŸ™„
  3. New New New. Yet they cant even deliver a single Sram Rival 1 Groupset. If anyone know where to find a set of Rival 1 HRD brakes please give me a shout. πŸ™‚ Until then I have my eyes on the Germans to deliver a set in Dubai when one eventually becomes available. Not looking good tho. Anyway, heres to hoping its not 18 months before I can finish my bike.
  4. I have one with an Eagle groupset on, with flat bars currently. Love the frame, smashed a number of 100kms and a 165km on it a few months ago. I have an Enve fork on, so don't know much about the fork that comes with the frame, but the bike is here to stay πŸ™‚ . Now just to find a set of Sram HRD brakes and I will be a happy man!
  5. And there is a Big Kev in the pipeline I see that takes 29 2.1s.. I'm holding on, sourcing an F-Eagle setup for my steel frame now and when time and money allows........ Been riding carbon dualies and hardtails for 16 odd years and don't miss them one bit since getting a 'gravel bike'... But everyone is on a different journey too, I couldn't be bothered with technical trails anymore. Was doing it long before there where 1000 others to share the trail with.. that said I ride a bike park with mates at least once a week, but just do it a lot slower 😁 I don't think a do-it-all bike exists.. but there is the perfect bike that will suit 99% of what YOU enjoy doing.
  6. You for sure have not worked for Transnet or Eskom in the past πŸ˜‰ Pocket change for our 'connect' folk.
  7. Did Route 1 yesterday which is the 42km and bailed out around 30km just because the family was there for breakfast. Some decent technical sections especially beginning of route 1. Be prepared for a very long day in the saddle if you do the 42, Its not a nice fast gravel route. Its not a place you blaze through at 20km/h (I am sure guys do but they must be chasing Strava Top 10s) Try route 1 and interchange between 2 and 3 is often what I do. Nice thing about BRB is if you gatvol you can just hop on a route back to the Red Barn.
  8. Thanks JBR. No need to be a smart ass. Got help and it's reported. I often tell people if you have nothing good to day don't say it. Perhaps something you still need to learn? Cheers.
  9. Always had my Omega Speedmaster on, Limited. Moon to Mars #3700... Then I got a Garmin Fenix... Garmin FTW.
  10. Such k*k news. been cycling Zwavel for 13 years, long before it was cool... Just got back to SA in PTA east and thought I'd google a few rides. Looks like I best join a club for weekend rides out East :-(
  11. Quick background. I was out of South Africa for a number of years and have rarely been on hubsa for much... Recently returned and logged in after seeing a lekker gravel bike I'm interested in. Messaged the seller... Not the problem I have messages sent from MY inbox in 2020 offering people a Specialized Turbo Levo XL (which I don't own and never have owned although I did own a M Turbo Levo and a M Camber before I left SA 3 years ago.) There where messages sent from my inbox from me to 3 people offering a bike. So my account must have been hacked??? I changed my password etc now but can admin or someone please help me? I have screen shotted these messages.. Man what a welcome back to the hubsa for me. Could we trace the IP log in address by any chance? Change your passwords good people...
  12. Ive built up two bikes and they both cost A LOT more than the store bought bikes. Just to echo what has been said. If you buy second hand goods, to do a build, well that could work out less. if you shop smart. But then you need time too.. my 2c
  13. I have not been back to Tokai since that dreaded day... This is kind of in the air, but thanks to all who helped rebuild. It's appreciated, and I hope I can give back too, somehow, someway. Just hope to never have to do it in Tokai again, in this life. Kudos to all
  14. Ay... Heal up soon. The rest of you all stay safe too out on the roads too.
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