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  1. Hi and welcome. I have only been here a couple of months and also recently started riding but this is definitely the place to gain quality knowledge. Enjoy your stay here
  2. I got a bit irritated at the DBX the other weekend. Yes, everyone is not so fast on the single tracks yet but it does not give you permission to almost ride people off the road. There was a gentleman that tried this, his back wheel was already half way past my frame, on a track which was not even 30cm wide. I just rode into the bushes, almost crashed but let him go pass but he then did the exact same thing with the lady in front of me.
  3. At about 43km I had nothing left, I was almost dead, wind pumping from the front badly. Another rider stopped next to me, waited until I made a mental shift and rode with me to the end, it was the highlight of my ride.! I need to get my legs stronger.
  4. This sounds EXACTLY the same as when I went with some guys on the Bottelary red route. It just never ended. There was a guy that came passed me whilst I was pushing my bike the one hill and it looked like he was not even putting effort into it. I was a bit angry that day as it was my 3rd time on a bicycle in over 15 years so I struggled a lot. I only ride on weekends but it is going so much better, until we went to Hoogekraal the other weekend. There I also almost died, many times but you do what you have to do. Dont be shy to push the bike. I will rather push my bike than sit with a cramped up leg high up in the mountain. Just keep at it, you will be amazed at how quickly you build up strength and endurance.
  5. I must say the amount of park runners / walkers was very noticeable even though it was my first time there. At one stage it looked like about 100 - 150 people were walking up the first hill in one go. They weren't a bother at all, its nice to see more and more people outside in nature.
  6. Went up Meerendal yesterday for the first time. Wanted to do Paarl but will go a different weekend.
  7. Thank you for the information, the scenery there looks awesome.
  8. Beautiful photo. Can you recommend a trail in the Paarl region? I checked on the website and there is so many to choose from, but would prefer a trail of between 20km-30km for someone with between beginners and intermediate skills and fitness.
  9. I just need to wake up in the morning and hear traffic, people hooting, sirens, alarms. I drop my kid off at school and see people not actually helping each other anymore, some disregard the rules of the road completely, nobody looking out for each other anymore etc etc. When I take the bike into the mountains there's is none of that, riders greet each other, warn each other of possible danger's ahead, assist each other during rides. There's no hooting, there's no road rage, the noice in the mountains is music to my ears and the fresh crisp air in the mornings fills your chest and energise you. The views you appreciate from the top and even the little things you see along the way. I don't ride on tar and I will never do it as I don't find any fun in it but this is why I ride a bicycle now. To me it also keeps my aggression and violent side in place. I ride until I can hardly see mine anymore. Was very strange the first time it happened [emoji1787].
  10. Saw this on our neighborhood WhatsApp group. They found the bicycle on a suspect. The bicycle is currently with SAPS, but not sure which SAPS but can find out if needs be.
  11. Im also doing the race on Saturday so I hope so, I dont even have a bicycle computer, yet. We could all just get lost together...
  12. 3rd time on my bike yesterday. We did the red route (40.8km) at Botteleray trails. I think it was a bit much for me so early in the sport but my father didn't raise no quitter. I pushed, a lot but I made it, and I enjoyed it although there were many swearwords along the route. Beautiful beautiful scenery from the tops.
  13. Thank you very much, very kind of you.
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