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  1. A friend of mine gave me an old hybrid bike. According to the sticker it is an Okuma. Okuma is known for their angling equipment but I have not heard of any links to cycling. There are a few other Okuma bikes listed for sale on various websites (Gumtree etc). It looks to me as if somebody imported a lot of entry level bicycles and branded them with Okuma stickers. Can anyone please shed some light on the existence of this bike / brand?
  2. Cois My sister-in-law lives in Spain. She was also diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer about Nov 2018. Her story is very similar to yours. I have a lot of sympathy for you as I know what my family is going through. Cannabis oil helps her a lot. She is getting chemo. Best wishes for you and your family.
  3. Is getting placed on Temp / Permanent Disability at work an option for you?
  4. An3

    Who remembers?

    Shaft - club in Pretoria. Lynnwood Drive
  5. Try Longtom Cycle @ Sport in Lydenburg. Arrie 013 235 2355
  6. I've replaced the twist grip with the trigger in the photo. I found this at Solomons (Pta) a few years ago. It worked very well.
  7. I have joined. My new year's resolution is starting on 1 Feb 2018 My Vitality fitness assessment yesterday confirmed that I am in bad shape.
  8. Wayne - as a matter of interest: what is your blood type? I am A+ and my health has improved over the last +_ 16 months of mostly plant based. No eggs or dairy, very little meat.
  9. I bought the First Ascent Electric Kid’s Cycling Helmet for my princess. 25% cash back on Vitality.
  10. I recently moved to Discovery Insure as they offered a better deal. Feel free to PM me - I will send you the Specialist's details at Discovery who helped me. I can recommend using him as he handled all my changes / queries.
  11. https://northshorebillet.com/collections/all?page=7
  12. We bought the Baby Bullet (same company), to help with our baby's food. Worked well for about 2 months. Seal and blades broke. Currently looking for spares as they have been discontinued.
  13. I am busy with the 5th book in the King and Maxwell series by David Baldacci. Easy reading but I enjoyed it.
  14. I did not know what Eroica was - thank you - it looks like a fantastic event. http://eroicasouthafrica.com/
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