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  1. Do you know any shop in the Johannesburg area that has stock of them?
  2. Hey everyone im busy building up a pyga slakline and for the time being I am going to be using 2 pot brakes but I want to upgrade my budget is under 5k any ideas?
  3. Yea its from his bike. Its a bit different from Shimano ones so maybe I can find cleats like this design
  4. Hey everyone im having a bit of a problem with my Funn Mamba pedals... the cleat seems to not catch properly and when I tighten up the tensioner then it makes no difference at all. Do they even sell replacements for these pedals?
  5. Thanks mate, its my first enduro so im abit nervous 😹
  6. Hey guys im racing an enduro race this weekend at Grootfontein bike park and im doing it on a Silverback stratos al 3 so basically 120mm front suspension and 115mm rear. I have jumped the bike over the famous road gap (9m gap) and its my first enduro race. Any tips to make my bike feel better racing it downhill? The max tires I can fit is a 2.2 if I remember correctly
  7. I did see the fork looked abit underwhelming and current im in Johannesburg and I have been looking for an enduro bike and I found the gt cheaper and its brand new with warranties
  8. Hey guys I was looking for an all round bike that I can race enduro with but from what I have seen the sensor comp seems to be a good bike especially from a price point. I'm a bit worried about a used bike just incase I snap the frame it doesn't have a warranty
  9. Hey everyone I wanted to find out if Silverback still sells the slider lt 1 new to the public. As I know they only sell xc bikes. If anyone has an enduro bike please let me know
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