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  1. Would love the sponsorship but sadly no way I'm letting you choose my gear ratios
  2. Thanks guys, I'm riding a Ritchey P29er with a Niner carbon fork
  3. I was riding at Groenies this morning, there are usually nature conservation officers at the trail head, this morning they weren't there, probably due to the holidays. These guys are the ones that would stop the helmet less guy from riding. There are signs that clearly say no helmet no ride, it's not optional or your choice, if you choose not to wear a helmet then f@ck off and ride somewhere else
  4. I'm riding my ss at Barberton, chatted to Grant Usher, he reckons run 34/18 in jhb and 34/20 out of town (mpumalanga, berg etc)
  5. The Ritchey P29er frame is R8,500 supply does seem to be relatively limited
  6. I'd also like to know, you will struggle to find a good mid to top range shoe that doesn't have carbon soles, I can't see any reason to avoid them
  7. In "The secret race" Tyler Hamilton says if he had to choose between EPO and having his weight correct he would always choose weight, and it's a no holds barred book so he's not talking *** ( for those who haven't read it he admits to using EPO, blood doping etc, excellent book) Assuming that a person is following a good diet and exercising, what is the general view on fat burners such as Polythermex Elite or Phedra Cut, short term use. My calc gets to 2.54, I'm 88kg and 1.935m tall, would ideally like to get to 84kg
  8. I tried Grant, CRC and Ragley themselves, eventually settled on a Ritchey flat 10d carbon bar, it's the closest to the Ragley shape, I'm told they might start making them again next year.
  9. Howsit, where did you manage to get a Ragley bar? spoke to Grant Usher to get a set but he hasn't been able to bring any in lately
  10. Very nice, price isn't bad either, cheaper than a good IDT
  11. Cool, I know that some of the old IDTs fit a road bike wheel but not a 29er MTB, thanks
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