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  1. So, the stars seem to be aligning for me to take a trip to the US next year for work and I want to try and come home via Whistler. It's a lot cheaper getting to Canada from the States than from SA. My question, though, is whether my Hyrax will be up to the task. I particularly want to be able to ride A Line, since there's no way I'd go there and not try it. I have my Hyrax set up with 160mm travel on a DVO Diamond fork and I'll be getting an X Fusion coil shock on the rear for 140mm travel. I'm just wondering if that is enough suspension? Can anyone who has been there weigh in and give advice?
  2. These bikes deserve a dedicated thread ! Took mine for its maiden ride this morning at Rietvlei bike park, was also my 1st ride on a 29er. What a Bike !!!
  3. Hi Hubbers I recently took on a (fun) personal project of finding an alternative to the commercially available cover plates used to cover up the frame mounting space left when removing the high direct mount front derailleur for a 1x conversion. After searching the interwebs I cottoned onto a 3D printed plate through options and ideas from Shapeways and the MTBR forums. Shipping for the Shapeways product made it unreasonably expensive for what it is ($6 for the plastic plate, $20 for shipping), so I contacted a few 3D printing companies in Cape Town to see if someone could help me out. And success! I managed to find someone! Following a bit of trial and error with my design I ended up with a plate that I am pretty stoked with!! I have customised it for my Pyga and I think it looks pretty rad! The finish of a 3D print is not the smoothest, but it's hardly noticeable when viewed from a short distance. Best part is it cost a fraction of anything else out there, amped Thoughts on the outcome are welcome and I'm happy to try help anyone out who would be interested in doing the same for their 1x conversion. By this I mean I can either share my 3D file with you (if you can access a 3D printer) or look at getting plates printed through my own source (limited to black or white) and then take it from there. I assume the design would be a universal fit, but have only managed to test it out on the Pyga frame so far. Given that it is also a very recent addition to my bike I have no idea of durability of the part and how it will stand up to the elements (it's made from ABS plastic) but will post future updates here. Fingers crossed it will have some longevity! Overall though I think the project was a success, win!
  4. Pyga Bikes have managed to capture the imagination of many local mountain bikers. Look no further than the Post your Pyga topic for evidence of this. With it's promises of burley performance and all day comfort, the OneForty650 Pascoe is a crowd favourite. Click here to view the article
  5. So I've been wondering if you could buy your dream SA built bike, but being realistic in terms of price.... Titan Racing Pyga Signal Momsen Silverback - Thanks for the suggestions Mecer - Thanks for the suggestions What would it be? Mine would be the PYGA Stage Max GX set. Which has a great all round setup, great 130mm for a good pop, it allows for relative "easy" climbs, great session down the trails and can also be used in some marathon events even. Would be really interested to hear what other hubbers think or WISH. Cheers
  6. Hi was just wondering what size tyres pyga stage owners have been able to fit on their frames. I know spec sheet states 2.35. Im running 2.25's at the moment and it looks like there is alot of room left in the rear. Would like to try 2.4 if thats possible. However i know all tyres are different..
  7. Hi I'm looking for the pyga zero 29 raw aluminum frame??cant find one,second hand is even fine.does enyone know where there is one or just some help please. Thanx
  8. Am in the market ,later in the year for a Pyga 110 29er but....,have just been informed that they have stopped production on this model Hopefully something good will replace it and in alu(preference) and affordable!
  9. Morning all, So I'm pondering about getting a new bike. I currently have a 2013 Scott Spark 940 & I have narrowed it down to the above 4 2017 models which from my current knowledge are in a similar price bracket & the start of the carbon ranges. I've seen a few reviews but some are outdated & I will still search for more. I'm no race snake but enjoy my riding once or twice a week. I do the Trailseeker (current C batch) & USN (current B batch) series & want to do more stage races (possibly Joburg2C or Sani2C). I have done the 2 day Berg & Bush & I'm doing the Great Trek this year. I therefore need & want to step up my riding & go from 40km Trailseekers to 70 & from 30km USNs to 50. I'm therefore looking for a marathan/ XCO (not 100% sure of the difference) bike, not enduro etc. I am a Buffalo category (+-98kg) & 187cm tall if that helps with a view. I want the upgrade to be worth it & to be honest I want a good looking bike as well at that price, which I think they are. That is why I haven't added the Momsen Vipa 2 to the list as the yellow doesn't do it for me. I'm not a techie but detailed feedback will help. If not, then a ranking of 1 to 4 will also help. Advantage of the Scott is that I can trade in my current Scott at Cycle Lab who have already given me a value. I don't recall seeing the other brands there. Yes the value will be less than a private sale but it is instant, convenient in many ways & less chance of being scammed in the current world we live in. Other shops may do trade ins, I don't know, but this shouldn't be a deciding factor. Thanks!
  10. Odinson

    Pyga Slakline

    What do we have here? PYGA's long-awaited 160mm #Endurbro rig? https://www.pinkbike.com/news/5-bikes-worth-checking-out-taipei-cycle-show.html
  11. Need the help from the mighty BIKEHUB...about a hub Got a spare set of wheels with Pyga hubs.. need to change the drive on the spare set to XD What XD drives are compatible...DT swiss?hope? ... I am currently out of the country so cant open up to Double check...
  12. In April 2015, we huddled excitedly around a mysterious cloaked bike from Pyga Industries. We knew that under the black cloth sat an all new carbon marathon machine. As the craft beers flowed speculation grew wilder and the stories taller until Patrick Morewood unveiled the Pyga Stage to us, and the world. Click here to view the article
  13. Philip Buys and Matthys Beukes form the “African MTB team” PYGA Euro Steel. Previously teammates riding as Scott LCB Factory Racing, 2017 sees them with new sponsors, and of course new bikes. The pair have a solid track record riding together, and have their eyes firmly on the Absa African jersey at this year’s Cape Epic, as well as on an overall podium spot. We caught up with them to check in on their race preparation, find out more about their plans for 2017, and of course their new bikes. Click here to view the article
  14. In review of 2016, Iwan Kemp looks at the best bikes and gear that he rode last year. Click here to view the article
  15. With the year drawing rapidly to a close, we take a look at our ten most popular gear review articles published in 2016. Click here to view the article
  16. The Pyga Stage Max is the bigger brother of the Stage marathon/ cross-country bike. With the Stage already adding some spice to the race bike category, we were keen to put the Stage Max to the test to see what it has up its sleeve. Click here to view the article
  17. So, its time to get a new MTB. I'm set on either the new Dale scalpe si or a pyga stage custom build with RS 1 fork, and more a less same spec as the dale. (Xx1 line build) What do you guys think? Any other ideas? Looking at moving over to full mtb race schedule - stages/marathon/xco type races. Im 178cm / 69kg. Used to race road bikes. All opinions welcome!
  18. Some say that being a mechanic at the Absa Cape Epic is almost as tough as riding the race itself. Louis-Bresler Knipe did both this year and, with his partner Francois Theron, still finished in 41st place overall. Click here to view the article
  19. I promised a while ago that I'd write a full review of the PYGA OneTen29, having given my first thoughts here. What follows are my opinions after about 150km of varied riding. Click here to view the article
  20. Hi guys.. I weigh about 110kgs. Currently ride a Giant XTC carbon hardtail. I want to go 650B as I'm never going to be fast. Looking at the Trance Advanced 2014 with full XT and a carbon frame versus a Pyga 650B (probably the Onetwenty) The Giant is R43k and the Pyga R47k Which would you choose bearing in mind my weight. I'll likely build my current Guide RS brakes onto the new bike. Will also likely sell the new bikes wheel and my current Hope+Flow Ex wheels and buy a 650B set of Hope + Flow Ex. I'm not nearly as skilled as full 140mm travel requires but I dislocated my knee on Die Burger and want to limit my falls by going from a 29er hardtail to a dual sus 650B. I'm 183cm.. Hope to get some good arguments for/against..
  21. Let me preface this article by saying that I am not a pro, or an expert. I do not know the technical details or have any inside scoops. Also, I am not sponsored by, or affiliated to PYGA in any way, and I'm not getting paid to write this review. I do, however, love riding and enjoy writing, and this is merely an average guy's opinion and experience with the Pyga 110 29er. Click here to view the article
  22. Rei

    MTB Frameset

    Hi all, I am currently putting a bike together, however I am struggling to find framesets, well more so just variety... I am looking at something to handle technical cross country type riding. I am undecided between hardtail and dual suspension at the moment. There are a few that are easy to get hold of: Giant anthem, Pyga one ten, Pivot mach 429 ,chinese carbons.... Problem I find is price: chinese carbon hardtails and giant anthem are both very well priced, but if you want anything from there the price jumps R6000 for aluminium dual suspensions. I Just wanted to ask if I am missing something, other options or brands that I should be looking at?
  23. Last week we revealed the results of the 2015 Best Bike in Africa competition held at the Standard Bank Africa Cycle Fair. For the second year running PYGA Industries took top honours with the recently launched Pyga Stage. Click here to view the article
  24. For the second year running, Pyga Industries have been voted by visitors to the Standard Bank Africa Cycle Fair to have the Best Bike in Africa. Last year it was the OneForty650 Pascoe, this year sees the Stage take the title. Click here to view the article
  25. New 150mm, 67-degree slack, Pasco 650b. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Day-One-The-Bike-Show-Roc-DAzur-2013.html?trk=rss Looks ace.
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