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  1. If you need to chip and e-bike then you should probably not get an e-bike.
  2. Hey, what's wrong with a beep? 😜
  3. I think Specialized also have dual side pedals, I am sure I saw some at the one shop a while ago.
  4. Before someone gets their nickers in a not, I am not a woman, but purchased 3 bikes over the course of the last 4 months for my wife. Use it dont use it, if she is new to riding - Get a nice woman specific seat, Liv makes great woman specific seats - Consider a dropper post, it made a huge difference in my wife's confidence to be able to drop the seat on a non specific ladies bike that does not have top tube that is lower / curved at the seat tube - Book her some lessons with a good coach - Dont coach her or you might get mangled
  5. Agree, if I look at those tools on the wall it can be painful indeed. 😁
  6. Good luck, and go out and have fun! Everything else is a bonus.
  7. And here I am reading this and chomping on 3 slices of thick banana bread with thick plastered butter. πŸ™„
  8. Would love to know which shop the Jhb one is you referring to, as I had a similar experience that led me to sell my Specialised and buy another bike.
  9. Believe me, the comment is around negotiating the price down, yet once the house is sold they will immediately try and get a tenant to generate income. It is like when you sell your car, no sorry, extras add no value, tomorrow when they advertise your vehicle the first thing you see is bulbar, rollbar, canopy, etc. etc.
  10. I am kinda going the wrong way, winter and being on my chair with one meeting after the other does not help. πŸ™„
  11. Agree, I havent started watching because of the 6 episodes, as I know it will be done in a weekend and then the wait begins again. πŸ™„
  12. I can second the above, They sourced a frame to create a kit for my wife's Giant Stance E and then shipped it up to Jhb to be fitted with Chain Wizard. Excellent kit. He is now doing the same for my Santa Cruz, cant complain at all with the workmanship and quality.
  13. Are there not easier ways to get out of your wedding? πŸ™„
  14. Nope, I meant, R350 for 10 coffees not R350x2 for 10 coffees.
  15. I just ordered 2 ICED bracelets / helmet tag combos for me and the wife. I think R350 each for the combo and the potential life saving value it holds is a small price to pay. This is not even 10 coffees.
  16. Use on one ride only, Maybe a decent clean would have sold me on the one ride only, but the nicks here and there, probably not. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/474206/specialized-stumpjumper-alloy
  17. Quick ride this afternoon at Northern Farm on the new bike.
  18. See so I am helping out by not fixing, 😁
  19. No way, that is actually damn birds pecking the wall, I think they after something in the wall or paint, so I have no given up on trying to keep them away. And more money for bike stuff πŸ˜„
  20. She might have been slightly offended because of the shipping box. But here she is,
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