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  1. As long as the tandem doesn't ride on the pavement, ride down Rubenstein rd or in oncoming traffic, I don't think you need to worry, that would open a can of worms..... Sorry that happened already.
  2. I have been riding Skateboards,BMX and mountain bikes for years now, down that very hill to many times to mention, and all the surrounding hills. To this day I can't help myself to fly down a good downhill and bunny hop or manual (wheelie for those who don't know the term) curbs, driveways etc. it's the way I learned to ride a bike and I will continue to ride like that. Yes I have fallen and hit a lamp post or two but it happens. To OP (daanjg) nice run and don't worry about the haters, they will always have something to say. You talk about anticipating things ahead and what not, I can't agree more. Any person that has good bike skills and rides the way you do knows what to look for if that makes any sense. That being said it will really suck if you hit a pedestrian, not cool. Hit a car, well that's your problem. Think the video was cool and good riding! Keep going. This video actually made the hub worth while to post.
  3. 2teeth

    First AM Bike

    I have a Commencal AM 2. I did mankele 3 towers on it, the race not the challenge. Bang for your buck, it is a good bike. Super sturdy and flies on the downhills. Only gripe is the Fulcrum wheels. They aren't the best, I had to get the rear trued after a spoke broke while bunny hopping a speed bump. And the shwalbe tyres are a joke, I have seen condoms with thicker side walls. As I said did 3 towers on mine, I did use the pro pedal to get up the climbs so I would go for the AM 2 or 1. The AM 3 doesn't come with the pro pedal if I am not mistaken.
  4. Yeah it looks a bit beaten. But for the price one can consider it. Honestly I bought the commencal new and my spez epic was 2 nd hand, and that money spent is worth it. Everything is new, and that counts for tons. Nothing worse than worked over derailers and square wheels. Been there done that.
  5. I hear what you say about the price, I got mine on a good deal as it was the demo bike so it was a bit cheaper. But all in I am super happy. It's not the lightest bike in the world so don't expect a podium on a MTB race but that said When the road goes flat ( it pedals well even without the propedal)or down, that's when the fun begins! 2 things that are a bit annoying about the bike, there has to be something is 1) no bottle cage mounts. So if you like a camelbac, you in business. 2) the internal cable routing. It makes a sqweaky noise by the headset. That's that. Look honestly be it Commencal or the enduro or whatever bike, the AM bikes are fun. And you'll enjoy it if I read your riding style description.
  6. I had a Spez enduro a few years back, in fact it was the first ones that came out. It had the double crown fork. It was a great bike at the time I did many a marathon on it and it climbed pretty well. I loved that bike. I sold it and got a Spez epic, which is a totally different bike obviously. A great bike but always had that something missing. I myself like jumping, skidding and acting like a bafoon every once in a while. But I needed a change. So I bought a Commencal AM2. Hands down the best bike I have ridden. Strong and super fun to ride, bmx style. I am 1,78m and ride a medium because I like a more playfull feel. It climbs super well too as a added bonus. I will recommend the Commencal over the Enduro. I haven't ridden a Gaint but since you brought up the AM and Enduro I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the 2.
  7. Try theriot.co.za they do BMX stuff but the pedals are the same, and there prices seem ok. think they in joburg?
  8. Cool, it is the air sleeve. There isn't anything else wrong. There is no oil leaking from anything. I know my depth in DIY. I searched on pinkbike and it looks straight forward. Just wondering if anyone has done it.
  9. Hi all This morning while loading my wife's bike (Ellsworth with Fox Float R)I noticed the dust seal on the shock was badly cracked. So bad that the seal was coming out at a certain place. I checked the stanction and it seems fine but the seal is over. So obviously it needs replacing. Here is my problem. My friend sent his shock in for a service a while ago and long story short, it cost him about 3 grand. He had a scratch on the stanction which he was told could be sanded out but ended up being replaced and then the cost for labour, parts and postage ( still can't believe nobody can service a rear shock in Pretoria and it has to go to Cape Town) and 2 weeks of no riding. So it got me thinking about servicing it myself. Google machine. So I found a few videos on how to do it. Doesn't seem all that difficult. Has anyone done this? And if so where can I buy the kit? I am not trying to sound like a miser but honestly if I can do it myself it does save me money and time.
  10. My phone usually does Vimeo fine. I guess I will need to come ride the tracks myself.
  11. Is it just my phone or can't you guys see the video? I also can't see the one that was with the track of helderkruins when it was built. I can't watch at work due to restrictions.
  12. Where can we get more info on the next enduro event? Thanks.
  13. Hi all. I live about 1 km away from Hedianga. Couple of things about the place. 1) The guy at the gate is Jewish, not Muslim. There is a massive difference. The jamaca (spelling) is a sure giveaway. His name is Gabriel and he is the owner. 2) It isn't the best for MTB. I have ridden there several times and I call it the " Hedianga hell ride" it's hard and there is some hike a bike. I can ride 80% of the course but given I have a 150mm AM bike. 3) It is great for hiking and running and dog walking 4) If you want to go and get your tech skills on, go to Hedianga. For a cruise around, your at the wrong place. Gabriel is doing what he can there with limited knowledge. He isn't a MTB rider, he is a farmer that has given his land for us, runners, riders etc. so give the place a break. It's not for everyone. You need to be confident in your tech skills to ride. It is similar to the magalies berg terrain it will eat you. That said a Friday afternoon quickie is awesome as I live close by. PS. It is safe. My wife walks the dogs regularly there and hasn't seen any strange guys around. I have run there every week and haven't seen any guys. My 2 cents.
  14. We were in Les Arcs a few years back and I spoke to a few of the locals there about the mountain biking. All agree that a DH rig for the heavier crazy runs but they said any bike 150mm to 170mm is the dogs bollocs as you can ride everything. I don't know how the areas compare as Les Arcs doesn't look quite as steep as Morzine area. Bottom line, pitch up with a 100mm XC bike you'll still have a damn good time!
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