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  1. That was at the Bluff, KZN.
  2. I've just started paragliding (6 months odd). Nothing near as hardcore as what the Warthog has posted, but I still find it pretty novel to be able to 'fly' with just some material strung up above your head!
  3. So after 8 months of being in hospital, it looks like Jay will be heading home. Hi everyone. I want to introduce you all to Jay’s carer Thami!! As you can probably tell from his top he’s a super sporty guy, which scores him some extra cool points from Jay. He’s been with Jay at the hospital for about a week now and it’s going really well, they get along great. Thami has been massaging Jay a lot, if I was to guess I’d say almost a sports massage. Jay says he can really feel it work which is amazing. I think it’s really awesome for him to have another male around too haha. We’ve got to watch the hospital too, there’s talk of stealing him because he’s so good at what he does. So thanks Thami for coming into Jays life and making a real difference. We all appreciate you!This is Thami and one of the amazing Physios helping Jay to stand...yup STAND!! They have also acquired a medical bike and Jay has managed to do up to 75% of the pushing!! My brother is amazing, it’s easy to see why he is our hero. He’s been feeling down, I think he is nervous about going home soon. I can only imagine how weird that must feel for him. He’s always up for visitors so feel free to pop in, he is in the IPOC ward at Hillcrest. Have a great day everyone; and as always thank you for being here. ❤
  4. This is the latest update on Jay from Jay's sister. Seems to be in better spirits. Hi everyone!Just wanted to give you a little update on Jay and his adventures. So exciting to be able to say he can go on adventures now!! The van and wheelchair have given him so much more freedom, for a man like Jay who’s blood flows with adventurous spirit, it really has made all the difference! He is terrorising the nursing staff by telling them things like, I’m just off to the petrol station to fill up my wheels. Haha they don’t quite now what to do or say! I suspect he’s cooking up an escape plan as we speak. My mum says she’ll be doing something and then all of a sudden she hears him rushing up behind her. He’s been loving the swimming, and just quietly he’s doing amazingly at it!! Jay’s had a fantastic week and has made some real progress but you know we’ve got to keep that on the down low, he’s a bit superstitious my brother. Doesn’t like to talk about anything, that and being humble I guess. It meant so much to him to win those awards last week, he wasn’t ready to go to the dinner which I can totally understand and relate to!! He was, however, so touched by the love and the thought that everyone showed him. He was incredibly proud of Liam and Nate, as he always is. Jay’s loving having visitors, so please feel free to pop in. He isn’t always there because he goes to swimming etc....if you can’t find him maybe he’s implemented his evil genius plan of escape mwahahahaha. That’s my brother, always keeping us on our toes. Much love everyone and as usual we thank you for still being here on this journey with our precious one! ❤❤❤ Congrats to Jay on the various KZNMTB awards won, at the recent awards dinner, which were collected on his behalf by is boys.
  5. If you do plan to use the MySOS app, I'd recommend downloading the app to your phone and familiarizing yourself with the app before getting to club. It'll just save time and possibly some frustration on the day. More info can be found here.
  6. The trails in and around Karkloof are fine to ride alone. Touch wood there have been no crime related incidents that I'm aware of. The trails are pretty well marked with various marked loops leaving from the Karkloof Country Club. You can buy permits (R50 per person per day) and sign the necessary indemnity from at the club. Alternatively you can pay for your permit via the MySOS App which can also help to put you touch with the necessary people/rescue personnel should you require medical assistance during the ride (hopefully you don't!). The APP will also help to geo-locate you so that if you need help to come to you, the right people know where you are! There are no formal club out rides that I'm aware of but riders typically hit the trails early mornings so you could possibly approach a group and ask to join them if you are not keen on riding alone.
  7. Joh, Jay got a life changing donation. Hopefully it will pick his spirits up and give him some much needed psych!!! Independence, it’s something we all have and something we tend to take for granted.You’re thirsty, so you get up and grab a drink. You want to send a text to a friend you’re thinking about, again we just do it.I can’t imagine having to ask someone for literally every little thing. How frustrating it must be to have a perfectly healthy mind and brain, yet be completely and totally reliant on others. Our Jay had a miracle happen to him. A lovely man, Dave Eccles, had a son called Clint who also suffered through being a quadriplegic. Heartbreakingly he lost Clint recently, and yet at a time where we would all probably be lost in how hard it is too lose a much loved child, this man sought out someone who might need his sons fully electric wheelchair. Jay’s physio suggested that he be the one to receive such a life changing gift. The only condition is that when and if he does not need it anymore he passes it on to someone else who’s life could he changed by the use of it. Wow, people really are phenomenal and capable of such amazing amounts of love, even and despite them being in unimaginable pain. This was a gift of a lifetime. So here is a video of Jay speeding around the hospital with his good friend Jodie, who he met at the hospital and who is a paraplegic herself. They were off to the cafe. Independence, how much we take for granted and just how much it means to get some back. This same family the Eccles also sold Clint’s fully converted van to Jay, this is what all your hard work, generosity and fundraising went to!! You bought Jay a van!!! How amazing is that?! Thank you all so very much, from the bottom of our hearts. Each and every one of you has helped Jay in one way or another, be it an encouraging word, visits, fundraising and just being invested in his journey. We love you all and can’t thank you enough! In closing we just want to send the Eccle’s family so much love and hope for peace for them at such a devastating time. Clint has made a huge difference to Jay’s life.
  8. Hey mazambaan, I just checked and apparently the page is no longer running. I'll try get his direct account details and PM them to you.
  9. Latest update not phenomenal but I guess ups and downs are to be expected... Hi everyone, sorry I have been so quiet. Some of it has been being away but a lot more is not knowing what to say. Jay is tired, he’s sore and the spasms are back. He’s finding it hard to see a future he’s happy with. So, I don’t know what to say I don’t even know what to feel. I don’t want to allow myself to feel because if I do it might break me. He’s still doing his gym, he’s still working really hard but he’s finding it rough mentally and doesn’t know what his future holds. Anyway, I just wanted to be honest about where he’s at. ❤ If you’re around and want to drop him a line or a video or anything else please do, he needs some love and encouragement. There is a FB page you can send your messages to. "Support Crew For Jason-CAPTAIN"
  10. This was the last update from 10 or so days ago. Back story is that Jay was experiencing pain and spasms due to a broken piece of back bone that was putting pressure on nerves and/or spinal chord. The decision was taken to undertake a fairly risky op to remove the offending bone fragment. "Hi all, the op went really well! The piece of bone ended up being bigger than they were expecting but they have removed it. Jays doing well, his spasms appear to have gone. He’s sore at the site of the wound but otherwise good....except he hates the neck brace and is stuck with it for about 10 days!! Hay is still in ICU for now but will let you know when he is out and ready for visitors. Guys, I can’t tell you how much all your wonderful messages mean to Jay and to us! You really do lift him up with your positivity and belief in his ability to fight his way back. You all make such a difference in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful weekend." He had been struggling with an infection (post op) which I believe he has since overcome. The spasms and pain have all but gone so the op was a success. He's continuing with his physio and gym!
  11. Theo 18th Min 30th Pottie 43rd
  12. Theo currently leading by 6s in qualies http://www.tissottiming.com/Live/Index?id=0003100201010501FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF1&style=Tissot
  13. New update, again from Jay's sister: Hi guys Jay is really down at the moment, I think the weight of the battle feels a little insurmountable right now. He’s carrying so much, fear for his future, anger that he is on this path, frustration when he fights with his arms and legs and they don’t do as they’re told. He’s fighting many things at the moment and even though there are so many people trying to fight the battle with him, it’s a lonely place to be. We can all do our best to bolster him, encourage him and fight for him but in reality none of us know what it is like to be him right now. Anxiety is lying to him, it’s telling him he’s not good enough, that he’s not achieving enough and that he isn’t worthy. Anxiety, anyone who has it knows how hard it is at the best of times - it makes getting up, showing up and being present in our lives difficult enough but add to that the physical limitations Jay feels he has and anxiety becomes debilitating. It’s at times like these when Jay needs something extraordinarily to give him hope again. This came in the form of the amazing Joey Evans coming to visit him in hospital, he spent a good hour with Jay talking to him about the path he’s on and what got Joey through his battle that would see him recover from paralysis and take on and finish the 2017 Dakar Rally! Joey gave Jay the most precious gift, hope! I cannot explain how grateful we are. As I’ve said previously Jay will have bad days, many of them but with you all supporting him and sending him love he will get back to the light. He will begin to see his future again and he will keep fighting with all he’s got. He pushed himself 70 metres in his wheelchair the other day! That’s like running two marathons back to back. He did it! It was beyond hard but he didn’t give up. He’s building the biggest trail of his life right now, but imagine that jump when it’s finally finished! ❤❤❤❤❤ As always we think you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of our precious one - he’s my Superman and I am so proud. ❤❤❤❤
  14. I reckon it should be Christopher Philogene. He finished 2nd overall in this weekends IXS Cup and also finished 2nd in on of the UK races (behind Adam Brayton) so he is up to speed.
  15. A truncated message from Jay's sister. I've only kept the part of the message directly related to Jay. Jay’s a bit down at the moment but otherwise doing well. I think he is at times frustrated and angry but that is a part of the grief process and is important for him to go through. He is getting a lot of support from my sister, mum, the boys and his friends. He sat by himself on the bed for 5 minutes the other day! He doesn’t realise how freaking awesome that is!! So proud of him! PS if any of you are out riding today I’d love some videos of your adventures. Jay finds them so motivational!! I was fortunate enough to see Jay a week or so ago and he really is doing well. It was great to talk to him and hear how psyched he still is. Like his sister says, he feels like the progress is slow. I reminded him that only a couple weeks ago he wasn't talking (due to the trache) and still flat on his back, so his progress has been nothing short of remarkable!!! He's working flippen hard to get himself mobile again.
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